BTOB Releases “Second Confession” MV!

Okay, I am able to write after this tornado warning scare! You guys happy that I’m safe?? I sure do hope so, but BTOB returns and they’re playing with Christmas lights! Why? Let’s find out!

130408_btob_teaser_secondconfession-600x446I actually like this song. I need to listen to it again to FULLY love it, but the thing is it makes me want to listen to it again. I think Ilhoon’s and Peniel’s rapping made me stay. I don’t know about Minhyuk, but all three different style of rapping made it flow together. The chorus was so so. That’s probably why I need to listen to it again is because the chorus didn’t grab me the why I thought it would from the teaser. The formula of a song that captures my attention is a good chorus and bridge. For this song the rapping and bridge made me like this song. But as we all know, I will like this song eventually.

The dancing in this video was minimum and I think that was the right choice. They cannot have A LOT of dancing like in Infinite’s “Man In Love” because they don’t have enough beat to it to do a full scale dance. But, I’ll have to wait for their live performances to see. Though, I love the dancing because it was just a whole lot of aegyo. Gotta love some aegyo! Especially from Ilhoon and Hyunsik.

Well, what do you guys think of the MV? Love it, hate it, need to listen to it again, or just no?



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