Happy Birthday Post: April 8th to 14th Edition!

I haven’t been posting a lot have I? I think the dates can speak for themselves, but I have been EXTREMELY busy this week and it’s not letting up. *Tears* Seriously, somebody do my projects for me!! Then I’ll be able to blog everyday like back in the day!! *Crickets* Well, I understand, but let’s get into this birthday post. Big names and big groups are in this post! Yes, I’m talking to the Exotics!

April 8th

gummy-8Happy belated birthday to Gummy! She turned 33 years old and she’s a solo singer. Gummy has recently made herself known in the drama world. No, not as an actress, but a singer. Duh. But her OST, basically theme song of a drama, is as popular as the drama itself. What drama is it? Guess! It’s the best drama that was out! Let me stop you there, it was “That winter the wind blows.” That drama seriously make you think about things. I highly recommend it, but here’s the song people love soooooo much!

07315979509020_fullHappy belated birthday to Jay! He turned 31 years old and he’s a member of Trax. Wow, there’s a lot of older idols here! I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m just saying. I think Trax was in the 1st generation of  idols, but taken how Super Junior is up there, maybe he’s in the 2nd generation. Whatever the case may be, I haven’t heard from them

20130209_shinee_jonghyun_dreamgirl2Happy belated birthday to Kim Jonghyun! He turned 24 years old and he’s a member of SHINee! He’s my ultimate bias in SHINee AND he’s the same age as my other ultimate biases. *Bang Yongguk/Kikwang* Wow, it’s kind of creepy how all of them are the same age. Hmm, maybe 1990 is the year….hmm. I have to ponder on this more. But, Jonghyun is doing fine these days…well that’s what he’s tweeting. If you remember back on April 1st, he was in a minor car wreck that messed up his nose.  Thank God he’s fine.

seungyeolHappy belated birthday to Park Seungyul! He turned 23 years old and he’s a member of TAKEN! Jeez, all of them must be conceived in the first half of the year because this is like my fourth? I think it is the fourth member I did a birthday post on. There’s not many members birthdays left.

April 9th

uee883Happy belated birthday to UEE! She turned 26 years old and she’s a member of After School/Actress! Okay, don’t ask me how to pronounce her name because I have a hard time too. It always comes out as Wee. You know, you’re on the roller coaster and some hardcore people scream WEE~~~~ Yeah, I know it’s a great example!!

tumblr_static_u-kwon1-1Happy belated birthday to Ukwon! He turned 22 years old and he’s a member of Block B! Wow, they  just recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary and it’s also in the same week as Ukwon’s birthday. You know, they’d drank up a storm! Oh yeah, he also have a girlfriend too! Let’s just leave right here. There’s no need to go any further!

Hyeran-brave-girls-20708993-525-700Happy belated birthday to Noh Hyeran! She turned 21 years old and she’s a member of Brave Girls! She’s like an official official adult. Yeah, I meant to put the second official there.

April 10th

welcame-to-d-unit-d-unit-31778454-400-566Happy belated birthday to Z.I.N! She turned 21 years old and she’s a member of D-Unit. They’re basically GI (Global Icon) before GI was even thought of. To me, they were the first to be hardcore, not GI, but that’s something I don’t want to get involve with. GI is steadily growing a fanbase and with Zico from Block B’s help so are D-Unit. I’m stopping here, so there won’t be any fanwars.

April 11th 

likaHappy belated birthday to Lika! She turned 26 years old and she’s a member of B2Y.

tumblr_luz9sr4Zz51qf0vrgo1_500Happy belated birthday to Daon! He turned 22 years old and he’s a member of…..TAKEN. *Shake my head* Seriously! See, I told y’all! All of them must be conceived this first half of the year. Wow, I just cannot believe this. No, seriously! When I saw the group name, I laughed. That’s kind of sad, but c’mon it was funny. So, how many members are left?

April 12th

EXO-K-Kiss-The-Radio-Se-Hun-exo-EC-97-91-EC-86-8C-30887869-350-526Happy belated birthday to Sehun! He turned 20 years old and he’s a member of EXO-K! Oh wow, congrats for winning some awards yesterday! Hold up…………………..wrong group. Ah, sorry, but it’s a joint award because they are technically singing the same song.

April 13th

20120915_sunnyhill_misung1Happy belated birthday to Misung! She turned 28 years old and she’s a member of Sunny Hill! I have something funny to say, but no I think it’s rude. Well, not really, but still no. I’m not a rude person.

Apeace+WanchulHappy belated birthday to Kim Wanchul! He turned 22 years old and he’s a member of A-Peace “Lapis.” I’m not even surprise anymore. This was bound to happen and I also bet that another member from A-Peace was going to be in this week’s birthday post. Boy, I wish some of you would bet me because I would have some cash!!! Wanna make another bet?

SayHappy belated birthday to Say! She turned 21 years old and she’s a member of EvoL. I’m not even, EVEN, going to say anything. Her name is just self-explanatory, but she did become an official official adult. That’s something to be happy about! The name though…

images (3)Happy belated birthday to Effie! She turned 20 years old and she’s a member of C-Real.

April 14th

Jung_Yoon_Hye_Rainbow_17022010010351Happy birthday to Yoonhye! She turns 24 years old today and she’s a member of Rainbow!



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