[BREAKING] H.O.T’s Tony An and Girl’s Day Hyeri Reported to be Dating!

Yes! I have been waiting for a big scandal to pop out! Where did they meet? Who came up to who first? Is this story legit? If it is then isn’t Tony babysitting Hyrei? I’ll answer all that here! Just click that button please!

qW78tC42First can I say wow? Seriously, this is soooooo random. It’s soooo random that it doesn’t make ANY sense, but Sport Seoul made this a very big deal by holding out on the information until now. Or an hour ago when AllKpop broke the story. Whatever, they made this thing a very big deal and it kind of is. With two months worth of stalking the couple, it’s enough facts to guarantee that they are a couple. *Click here for the first story* Can I say that when I first saw the story, I thought that they were some type of sports couple. I know I must be stupid, but with the name Sport Seoul you have to understand why I thought that way. Just a little side note, but let’s carry on!

Tony An, 36 years old, and Hyeri, 20 years old, is really pushing it. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t date, it’s their personal life, but being in S.Korea that big of an age difference is shocking and will probably be frown upon. Even in American standards it would be frowned upon. Don’t let Hyeri’s age fool you! You have to take in consideration the Korean age system. Hyeri is 18 years old. She’s an adult, but she’s 18 years old going out with a man that’s 34 years old. Now, do you see the picture? I think that’s one of the biggest problems out this whole thing. That’s why I asked, is he babysitting because that’s a 16 years age difference. SIXTEEN people!

20130416_tony_hyeriSport Seoul, they seriously need to change their name, reported that they went on dates in their own cars late at night. I’m not surprise there. This is what idols tend to do when they are “secretly” dating. I think they need to change it up because that’s how reporters are catching them. If you are doing what everybody else is doing, and have been caught, then do you expect a different outcome or something? NO!!! That doesn’t make sense. It just don’t! Change it up a bit because you are using techniques back in Tony An’s days. Heck even before him! It’s outdated.

20130416_tony_hyeri1One particular date out of the two months caught Sport Seoul attention. Well, enough to specifically write about it. So on the 14th, they didn’t specify a month, Tony An was in front of Hyeri’s company. Hyeri “trying not to be suspicious” looked both ways before getting into Tony’s car. They had a good ol’ time driving around, again this is how idols date, they stopped and got some drinks from a cafe that was near the Han River. Again, the Han River is where ALL celebrities go to. So, shouldn’t they have admit that they are dating instead of sneaking around? This was bound to come out the closet soon and it did. They need to find a different river to go to, jeez. After their drinks, Tony dropped her off back to her agency and waited until she went in. That’s so sweet. No, it is because even though they were already discovered, he put himself at risk of being caught by looking out for Hyeri’s safety. That’s sweet.

20130416_tony_hyeri3There is an emotional factor in this whole thing. Apparently, while they were at the cafe, “Tony An would smile happily as he looked fondly at Hyeri, who would show off aegyo to her older boyfriend”  It’s like they are filming a drama and who doesn’t want a romantic drama-fied date in a cafe. I see no objections!

20130416_tony_hyeri4How they meet was kind of…weird. Girl’s Day were recently promoting “Expectation” and that’s where Tony fell for Hyeri. Yeah, it make sense what male doesn’t like provocative dancing? But it was her “bright and energetic personality” that caught his attention. Okay, sure. Whatever rocks your boat. The reason why I said it’s weird is, why is Tony An at the music programs? He haven’t released anything, so what they heck is he doing there? Well, Sport Seoul didn’t ask that question.

The story is legit because both of their agencies knew about the whole thing! I guess they decided to release a joint statement, but here’s what they said:   “It’s true that they’re meeting with fond feelings… They’re still at a stage where they’re getting to know each other. Please look over them fondly.” 

So what do you guys think about the two dating? I guess I’m in the middle with the whole thing, but what about you guys?

Click here for the story!

2 thoughts on “[BREAKING] H.O.T’s Tony An and Girl’s Day Hyeri Reported to be Dating!

  1. Kdrama&More says:

    I really wanna say age is just a number but..it’s a 16yr gap and she’s still very young. If she was like 30 something then it would be a bit different cause she would be more mature as a person. It’s a bit creepy too I’ve hit on when i was her age by guys around the age of tony and all I thought it was that they were just 6 yrs younger than my dad. So in my opinion it’s creepy.

    • Yeah, I totally would have been fine with it if she was like 21 years old, but 18? *Using the American age system* That’s too much and what are you going to do with a 34 year old man, who in Korea standard, should be married. I don’t know…it’s just isn’t right.

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