Happy Birthday Post! April 15-April 26 Edition!

Guys, I’m back! I haven’t been here for awhile and I blame my studies for it. Seriously, I would tell you the whole story, but that’s for my personal blog. Which I should make, but who knows I may post it on here. So, I have nearly two weeks of birthdays to get to so…let’s get to it shall we?

April 15th

Happy belated birthday to Kim Namjoo! She turned 19 years old and she’s a member of A-Pink. Wow, now they have been in the news recently for a member (Yookyung) who is leaving the group. Even though they announced it later than the 15th, Yookyung didn’t say, “I want to quit,” when A-Pink’s company announced it. So, that’s why this is sad, plus she became an adult.

***Happy belated birthday to my mom!!!***

April 16th

Kim_Jae_Wook_02Happy belated birthday to Kim Jaewook! He turned 24 years old and he’s a member of TOUCH! Oh, wow I didn’t know that he was from a K-pop group! He starred in Coffee Prince. I highly recommend you guys to look at it!

minkyungHappy belated birthday to Minkyung! She turned 23 years old and she’s a member of F1rst! I will never get over on how creative this name is. Even though I talked about it the first, I mean the f1rst, time…this is really creative now that I look at it.

April 17th

tumblr_mastkcQGO61qa3xejo1_500Happy belated birthday to Chulmin! He turned 27 years old and he’s a member of TOUCH! Wow, another TOUCH member birthday a day after each other. Time to party! Even though, it was in the middle of the week.

tumblr_m2thxjkolV1r94v2zo1_r2_250Happy belated birthday to Jino! He turned 22 years old and he’s a member of SM The Ballad. I particularly don’t know of this group because they’re from SM and they’re a ballad group. Well, I listen to SM, but not their sub-units, so this person is REALLY unknown to me. Sorry, SM Stans.

April 18th

snsd-jessicaHappy belated birthday to Jessica! She turned 25 years old and she’s a member of SNSD aka Girls Generation. Here comes trouble! I know of her in the Wild Romance drama, but I like her better in the variety world. I don’t listen to their songs, so there’s nothing much to say in that area, but her on Running Man was…ok.

April 19th

240px-NaraHappy belated birthday to Nara! She turned 26 years old and she’s a member of B2Y!

11-zhou-miHappy Belated Birthday to Zhoumi! He turned 28 years old and he’s a member of Super Junior M! Did I say that I don’t listen to SM sub-units? Well, Super Junior M is an exception! I love LOVE Tunnels! But, Zhoumi look a lot like Leeteuk when I saw that Breakdown teaser. Seriously, I was like, “Wait, why is Leeteuk here!?” Later, the fans told me it was Zhoumi. Jeez, they really looked a lot where that I, Kanaissa, confused them.

tumblr_m95m3f59xR1rcbviio1_1280Happy belated birthday to Kim Himchan! He turned 24 years old and he’s a member of B.A.P! KIM! HIM! CHAN! For those who haven’t seen Ta Dah! It’s B.A.P then you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. This man….I’m going to see him (if nothing bad will happen) in MAY!!!! That’s like next week! The month of May, not the concert day. Hopefully, his hand is doing better. I mean that would be the best gift ever, to take off the bandage from his hand. Yeah, best gift ever!

tumblr_mai1sqeqcy1rag104o1_500Happy belated birthday to Ray! He turned 20 years old and he’s a member of C-Clown. You know, I won’t say anything about him and the group. I’m just going to leave this awesome video/song here because that should explain how talented these kids are! 

April 20th

55854152201205111123041651958313812_001Happy belated birthday to Luhan! He turned 24 years old and he’s a member of EXO-M! Congrats  again for winning Rookie of the Year in China and also…what else did they win? Sorry, not even trying to be funny, but I know they won two awards. Again, congrats and happy belated birthday! But this kid does not look 24 years old…somebody is lying here!

April 21st

kang-jun-c-clownHappy belated birthday to Kang Jun! He turned 20 years old and he’s a member of C-Clown! I’m just going to refer you to Ray’s birthday dedication because again that video. But I do have a complain…why is Maru so hard to find? Jeez…..Maru~~~~~~~

April 22nd

kwangsu_17544_1221185803911_1056905363_5637Happy belated birthday to Kwangsu! He turned 27 years old and he’s a member of Super Nova!

Hwayoung dan Hyoyoung 2Happy birthday to Ryu Hyoyoung and Hwayoung! They turned 21 years old and Hyoyoung is a member of Co-Ed and Hwayoung was a member of T-ara. If you don’t know why I put them together than I going to need you to think this through. They’re twins! Yes, twins. I’m a twin, so twin power activate!

April 24th

tumblr_ma8rkxInEa1ryjlcdo1_400Happy belated birthday to Jucy! She turned 22 years old and she’s a member of EvoL! I swear EvoL’s members name be weird as I don’t know what. First, it was Say and now it’s Jucy. Which I think she meant Juicy….let me stop.

tumblr_lm0o54Un4d1qkshdeo1_500Happy belated birthday to Jo Youngmin and Kwangmin! They turned 19 years old and they both are members of Boyfriend! Yes, another batch of twins in this post, which is a first for me, but hey the more twins the merrier. I think they’re the visual in their group.

April 25th

Sidus_HQ_denies_that_Jay_Park_s_rap_is_related_to_JYP_2PM_15082010225125Happy belated birthday to Jay Park! He turned 27 years old and he was a member of 2PM, but is now a solo singer. Now, I won’t go deep into Jay, but since he left JYP he’s just doing his thang! Probably things 2PM wants to do, but can’t because of JYP. Hmm, no let me stop I am both a Jaywalker and Hottest, so I will have to.

April 26th

dae_gimpoairport_130201Happy birthday to Daesung! He turned 25 years old and he’s a member of Big Bang. Wait. Hold up. Jay Park is older than Daesung???? The amazing world of K-pop. I would have never thought that was possible. It’s probably because Big Bang came out before 2PM, but still. Dumbfounded.


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