2PM Released Video Teaser for “Grown”!

Yes, it finally time for 2PM! Now, HOTTEST rejoice because they’re showing some chocolate here and a….cat? Yeah, let’s take a look!

It feels SOOOO good to be back! Seriously, I have done all of my projects and I have some free time now! I’m sorry for being MIA for the week and part of the weekend, but I’ll be posting regularly again! Now, enough about me. Let’s see some abs, I mean listen to the music.

Wow! Y’all! Seriously, I won’t say they’re copying off of Jay Park, but….seeing Jay Park shirtless for Welcome and now seeing most of the 2PM members shirtless. Suspicious!!!  But I’m not complaining. Let them be shirtless! Did y’all see Nichkhun?? Those eyes are ridiculously beautiful~~~ Yes, I was looking at his eyes instead of his body……I’m being serious too. Well, that back of his…..

Though from what I’m getting from this teaser is that this album will be soulful. Aside from an upbeat song or two (or three), this album will be mostly soulful. Let’s see if I’m right about this because usually I am when it comes to these things. Remember Infinite’s New Challenge? Yeah, totally hit the nail on the head with that hypothesis. But what’s up with the cat? That was so random seeing it there. I guess they have a cat as a pet?? That’s my only guess because now they were on some SHINee level with the randomness. But all I know is that that cat is Chansang’s. I mean it looks EXACTLY like his cat.

But who’s ready for May 6? I know I am! Stay tune for the release of the MV!


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