2PM Releases Digital Album “Grown”!

The time is now! Let’ see if 2PM lives up to their name or fails under pressure!

20130501_2PM_GROWN1-600x393So dramatic my introduction is, huh? Well, I speak the truth. I mean to be away from the scene for 2 years and comeback with an album not up to standard is going to be embarrassing. And I don’t wish it for them, so let’s see how they do. Remember, I only listen up to the minute mark and write what I think about the song. Now, if the song is good I listen to it until I get done with my view of the song, but taken how this is a full length album I’m just going to stick with the minute.

All Day I Think of You

Apparently, this song will be release later this week. If you see my reaction video, my prediction was right. It’s kind of like Infinite H two teasers releases and end up releasing two music videos. Check back here for my reaction to “All Day I Think You You”

Back to Square One

This song grab me at 30 seconds. Wow, I like the beginning of this song. It’s nothing fancy, but Junho singing and the beat in the background. You guys as I said, a beat can carry me through the song. What I like about 2PM is that a ballad doesn’t have to be super slow, it can have a beat to it and still relay the soft feel.

I’m Sorry 

This will take more than one listen. I wanted to go further because it was basically in English. Well, of course not all the way, but I knew what they were talking about without even translating the lyrics. This has a JYP feel to it taken how he tends to write their songs, it has that feel to it. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but when I listen to it it just reminds me of JYP not 2pm. I think that will be the only problem with this song. The ONLY problem.

Today Marks the First Day

Does this consider a upbeat song? Hm, I don’t know, but I like the flow of this song. No actually I love the song. I don’t know how to explain my taste in music, but this is one of them. This song isn’t what we hear anymore in the K-pop world. It’s not fully modern. It has that 2000 feel to it and that’s just my opinion. Need to go back to this song later.


Did you hear Nichkhun talking to me in the beginning? Yeah, you must have, but all jokes aside did I tell you? This song really has the 2000 feel to it. Seriously, the beat and the instruments is just bringing me back. If they did a music video on this I can see some microphone dancing to it. This song is so good I listened up to the bridge. Actually, I listened to the WHOLE song. Wow.

Just For Today 

I think I found the blackhole on this album. I wanted to stop before the minute mark, but I still pushed forward. This song is just TOO slow for me to get into. If you guys don’t know, I tend not to listen to K-pop ballad songs that are TOO slow. We’ve just witnessed above a ballad song, but it wasn’t as slow as this one. I think this song is a pass.

Game Over

Jeez, this is the 2PM I was freaking waiting for, but why is it so buried within the album? This song is so strong! Plus, Taec’s rapping fits this song. Now, I wish they did a music video for this song because I bet the dance would be on point. Gosh and the chorus. Great song.

Coming Down

Hm, Chansung wrote this song, but he wrote a slow song. Jeez, but I’m going to be supportive. Most people will like this song and I’m happy that JYP isn’t FULLY controlling their album, but a slow song? I guess it depends on the feelings. Go ahead Chansung, but please next time a upbeat song. Please.

Go Back

The harmony of this song is just too great. This is what I mean when I say upbeat ballad. The chorus just balance out the whole song. You will not fall asleep on the song, but you won’t dance to it. It’s a head bobber song. Something that will get you through your studies for a final. I guess something that I should be doing right now.

Love Song

I’m guessing from the title that this will be a slow song. Oh wait, it’s kind of slow, but not all the way. I don’t know about this song yet, but another listen will determine it.


This is a Jun.K song. Something is bound to be good in this song. This sounds like a song that deserves to be a OST for a drama…seriously. I tend to like OSTs from drama, so this song is A-OK for me. But when Jun.K sung his part it’s like he wrote the song to fit his voice and his voice only. Jun.K’s voice is just heartwarming, so this SLOW song gets a B+.

So, what do you guys think of this album? Was it a great way to comeback? I think so, but I really wished that Game Over was MV.


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