Happy Birthday Post! April 27th to May 5th!

It’s a new month y’all and what’s a better way to celebrate it then posting birthdays that took place in April!? Right, there is and that Cinco de Mayo!!!! Guys, I’m really being sarcastic here. April Birthdays are meant for April and that’s the same for May, but let’s roll into it!

April 27th

Miss_A_acute_s_Fei_28072011044233Happy belated birthday to Fei! She turned 27 years old and she’s a member of Miss A! I haven’t seen Dancing with the Stars 3 over there in Korea, (heck I don’t even look at it here in America), but she’s killing the competition. Meaning Seungho from MBLAQ. *Tears* My bias in MBLAQ is getting schooled y’all. For those who like Dancing with the Stars check out Fei below! 

8s2ogHappy belated birthday to Hyoseok! He turned 21 years old and he’s a member of LED Apple! Now, this idol group loves to cover anything and everything. Jeez, it’s not a bad thing, but all I ever see is them covering something. Have they released anything that is their own? Sorry, if I’m being rude, but I want to hear something that’s theirs.

April 28th

***Ultimate Bias Alert!***

Korean-Stars_k-pop_Sunggyu-InfiniteHappy belated birthday to Sunggyu! He turned 25 years old and he’s a member of Infinite! I really like this man here! (Not more so than Yongguk, but he comes in second place) Sunggyu is too much. I think I like his character because when he’s on Weekly Idol I want to protect him from his members. Sometimes I just want to hit Hoya in the face and Infinite is on Weekly Idol. Yeah, but then I have to remember what Hoya said in a interview. This is not word for word, but he said if Sunggyu didn’t like it then we wouldn’t do it. Lol, I always have to apologize to Hoya through the screen. But Sunggyu is really a good person at heart despite in love for thin females. *Tears*

tumblr_lkcvnb11xT1qi9fsdo1_400Happy belated birthday to Taefung! He turned 23 years old and he’s a member of X-5! Is he Chinese????? Hey, I’m just going by his name, but I’ll find out!

April 29th

tumblr_lknfibB8n11qbr3puHappy belated birthday to Crystal Chae! She turned 34 years old and she’s a member of As One! Oh, she’s fancy with a name like Crystal Chae. It just sounds fancy.

a-jax-324150Happy belated birthday to Hyojun! He turned 23 years old and he’s a member of A-JAX!

tumblr_mgt7vvJFv91rpmdu4o1_500Happy belated birthday to Kim Chanyong! He turned 21 years old and he’s a member of 100%! I am currently looking at the variety show with 100% and Teen Top, but I seriously cannot remember who this person is. I’m sorry 100% fans, but I can only remember the kid who names starts with a R. *Bows*

April 30th

wooyoung4Happy belated birthday to Wooyoung! He turned 25 years old and he’s a member of 2PM/solo singer/actor. Now get this, Wooyoung is the SAME age as Infinite’s Sunggyu. *Mind=blown* Sometimes when I do these post, I cannot believe that these veteran idols are the same age as some of the newbie idols. Something must be wrong with me. Anyways, 2PM’s YouTube page is open for whenever they drop their new material!

May 1st

images (4)Happy belated birthday to Changmin! He turned 28 years old and he’s a member of 2AM. Wow, 2PM and now 2AM. Goodness! Party time! Changmin this is where the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” should be placed. This man, despite his looks, is really fit. I don’t think he’s ugly in the first place, but some girls would write him off and say, “Why is he an idol?” But let Changmin take off his shirt. Yeah, he’s definitely an idol and I know it’s not about looks….what the heck am I talking about? Of course it is.

images (5)Happy belated birthday to Hani! She turned 22 years old and she’s a member of EXID!

May 2nd

Jinwoon4Happy belated birthday to Jinwoon! He turned 23 years old and he’s a member of 2AM/solo singer/actor. Wow, it’s really a JYP party. But he’s 23 years old! Wow, Yongguk is older than him. To me, when there’s a veteran idol I expect them to be older, but in reality it’s not like that. But I wonder, even though Yongguk is older than him, do he still have to bow to Jinwoon?

Wonder Girls Sunmi (7)Happy belated birthday to Sunmi! She turned 22 years old and she was a member of Wonder Girls.

tumblr_m0q78cMGY11r2e0ejHappy belated birthday to Tao! He turned 21 years old and he’s a member of EXO-M!

tumblr_me134165Se1qm4hcbHappy belated birthday to Sungjae! He turned 19 years old and he’s a member of BTOB! He’s finally an adult! Melodies (BTOB’s Fan name), here’s your chance!

May 3rd

yxa8maviq3zk4c5tki3rei5lhh8rnewbHappy belated birthday to Lee Yu Aerin! She turned 26 years old and she’s a member of Nine Muses. They are currently preparing for a comeback!

May 4th

tumblr_m69mvmvJ0k1qdr8vuo1_500Happy belated birthday Saem! She turned 25 years old yesterday and she’s a member of Rania.

May 5th

tumblr_mf6cjjU8NG1regk5ko1_500Happy birthday to Zinni! She turns 26 years old today and she’s a member of GLAM! Wow, I won’t even comment on her name. No, I won’t! No matter how much I want to, I won’t! See, I’m showing restraint!

RtY4rHappy birthday to Lee Sem! She turns 27 years old today and she’s a member of Nine Muses.

jieun3Happy birthday to Jieun! She turns 24 years old today and she’s a member of SECRET. Jeez, I didn’t know that Jieun and Yongguk are the same age!!! *Tears* If you don’t know, a lot of  Babyz ship these two together. A lot of Babyz except me of course, but if it happens then it happens. Oh, check out SECRET’s new song YooHoo. A suggestion for people who like girl groups!

images (6)Happy birthday to Siwoo! He turns 21 years old today and he’s a member of C-Clown! Maru-ah~ Maru-ah~ Where are YOU?? I still cannot find him in their new music video,”Still Standing.” That’s it where’s Scooby Doo?

4Happy birthday to Melanie! She turns 17  years old today and she’s a member of Chocolat. Yeah, I spelled right.

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