Super Junior’s Yesung to Enlist Quietly into the Army May 6! Super Junior’s Heechul to Rejoin Super Junior in August!

Aw and that day is today! Why does he want a quiet enlistment? Find out here and also my tears! Also, Heechul’s return! Goodness tears of joy and sadness in one post.

wacJeez, there’ll be no Super Junior members left if this keeps up! Sorry that I waited so long to post about this, but he’s leaving today and without any of the members there! But I’m sure he’s family will be there.  That’s for sure. According to SM Entertainment, Yesung’s training camp is very far away and that’s why none of the Super Junior members will be there to say farewell. I won’t try to look for any conspiracies here, but I think he didn’t want any special treatment when enlisting not that the camp was far away.

We have to wait patiently for his return! The year 2015 isn’t that far away!

54172127201109012033555In great news, Heechul is to rejoin Super Junior in August! Be prepare for questions like, “Which girl group pull you through your enlistment?” Seriously, every variety show he will go to that question will be asked, but Heechul is ready to be on the stage with his fellow members for Super Show 5! A close friend of his said:

Heechul really wants to rejoin Super Junior as soon as he’s done with his service on August 31. He’s preparing to stand on stage on Super Junior’s world tour ‘Super Show 5′ when he’s discharged. He has about 4 months left of service. Heechul is using his free time on weekend and nights to practice choreography by himself.

Aw, practicing by himself!!! That’s too much for my heart! For those who has ticket for the Super Show 5 in August or even September, you guys are EXTREMELY blessed to see him!

Heechul will be discharged August 31!


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