EXO Comeback Confirmed!!

Yes, people! SM finally decided to confirm a comeback! Now is it “Wolf” that everybody hates or something new? Well, bring out your school uniforms because you are going to need it!

Well SM didn’t really say anything, but just released a teaser photo that looks something like this:



Yes, at the end of the year you always get a yearbook and I guess that’s why they’re releasing it around this time. It makes sense doesn’t it? Also, I guess it took them so long because they’re releasing a full length album called “XOXO.” Hugs and Kisses. Hm…I won’t analyze it…yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

During this promotion, they’ll be as one. They’ll be promoting together in S. Korea and China. Are you Exotics ready? I surely hope so because you never know when they’ll have a comeback again. I kid, but I’m so serious. Starting May 17th they’ll be releasing individual teaser pictures, so stay tune! Here’s another teaser picture!


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