YG Entertainment Reveals “Who’s Next?”

So who is it? Is it 2ne1, G-Dragon, or Big Bang? The breadwinners of YG Entertainment? Or is it a new artist from the company? Well, click here and find out! Now, I already gave it away! 
Guys, I really did give you a hint. Kind of…it was a hint inside of a hint. YG Entertainment reveals that CL is the next person who will be releasing music. Most YG stans are probably scratching their heads because this was something unexpected, but although I said that they’re happy that CL is releasing music.  This will be her first solo activity in 5 years, so no 2ne1 members in sight, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be featured in it.

When you think of CL, you think of a female version of G-Dragon, so the expectation is VERY HIGH. Another reason why it’s high because Yang Hyun Suk is going to put in hands onto the tracks.Yeah buddy! I have high expectation too, so when her music drop the 28th of May, you better believe that I’ll be doing a reaction video and a review. Be ready for it!


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