LC9 feat Ga in “Mama Beat” MV Reaction + My Opinion on the B.A.P Comparison!

Another reaction with my mom, I had to make use of her, but this video is more up her alley…visual wise. So, did this MV appel me and my mom find out!

I would like to add something here before posting the video. A lot people out here are comparing LC9 to B.A.P, now I don’t know why after seeing the MV, but I guess the manliness of the video made people think that way. I want to say wait before comparing. B.A.P manliness radiates on camera and off the camera. They are manly. They cannot do aegyo nor do they want to and to K-pop idols “standards” they’re not beautiful. To my standards they’re freaking beautiful and I would know since I went to their concert. If LC9 acts the same off camera, I can acknowledge that they are manly, but I still won’t compare them to B.A.P. I’m not saying that LC9’s company is trying to duplicate another group like B.A.P, but taken how successful B.A.P is I wouldn’t put it pass them. But enough of this because I need more information on LC9, but check out this reaction video!


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