Infinite In America the 22nd of May!

That’s like a couple of days from now! Why are they in America and for how long? Exactly what city will they be in? All that here! Jeez, I can’t I know it’s not in Missouri.

Man what’s up with K-pop idols coming into America?? First, B.A.P then T-ara N4, and now Infinite! I don’t have a problem with it because I want them here and to experience America, but what’s the reason? Well for T-ara N4, it’s to collaborate with Chris Brown and now apparently they’ll be his opening act in Las Vegas. Wow, who knew. I won’t spend time on that because it’s kind of weird how Chris Brown and them are super close, so yeah I don’t think I should even bother it.

284696Now as for Infinite, they should be on a plane to America as we speak, type whatever, but they are suppose to arrive in America tomorrow! The new source I’m reading this from didn’t reveal what state they’re landing in, but hopefully some Inspirits will do the research because I want to know. But I was kind of ify with this information because how come nobody know what state they’re landing in? I mean it’s only two location that should be excited, but at least reveal it. Woollim has rest assured that Infinite will be in America. By tweeting this:

So, you know what that mean? I have a chance to meet them! Heck yeah! That is if they come to Missouri. I would be hecka surprised if that ever happened. Sorry if I sound greedy, but I want to see Infinite! It sounds like my K-pop bucket list is coming together!  I’ve just created that bucket list, but I think this is the right time to create one don’t you think? But whoever see Infinite in their city, stay a safe distance and take some pictures! As I said with B.A.P, our camera phones and expensive cameras has zoom on it, so please (PLEASE) use it.

infinite_man_in_love_wallpaper_by_jablonka89-d5ys3s5But Infinite is here for one reason and one reason only. They’re here to film a  music video. Go figured. I mean why else would they be here? Oh, I think for a vacation too. They’re here for about 10 days and unless their video is taking the whole 10 days to film then I would think they’re here for a vacation. Aww, whatever city they’ll be in the Inspirits will be lucky. But their representatives are saying that the MV they’re filming is going to be HUGE. Wait. Wait, I think I heard this before. Oh right, B.A.P’s One Shot MV, so I will be highly expecting Infinite’s new video!

Also to add on the exciting news, Infinite will be having a world tour this year, so start saving up!!!


2 thoughts on “Infinite In America the 22nd of May!

  1. They came to Las Vegas! They were at the Hotel and Casino Venetian just yesterday!

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