EXO Releases “Wolf” Video Teaser! Seriously?

Let’s repeat that again seriously?? Will SM release the same song that was leaked ages ago? Are the fans bittersweet about this choice? When will I find a meme with Taeyang and Kai together? Random, but it goes along with this! Check that continue to read button for more!

Just when I was appreciating SM decisions on EXO, they threw my appreciation under a bus. I just cannot wrap my mind around their choice to release “Wolf” as their first title track! If you haven’t heard the leaked version of “Wolf” just listen to it.

Once you hear the chorus you’ll understand why I am questioning SM’s choice. Don’t get me wrong I like the verses, but that chorus makes you want to side-eye SM for even recording it. Hey, before you start questioning me for any reasons, even the Exotics were questioning this song. Yeah, you know it’s bad when they starting questioning EXO.

20130516_exo_xoxo1Now, SM may release something entirely different. Well that’s what I’m hoping for because I don’t think SM will let somebody leak their future money maker’s song into the public and not doing anything about it. That’s all I’m saying because I seriously don’t think SM will do that, now if SM do release the leak song as their first title track…I’m just going to grab some popcorn at stay on Youtube to read the comment because that’s suicide. The fans will eat them alive, but hopefully that won’t happen. I’m really optimistic of their comeback. Despite what went down between B.A.P and EXO during the award season, I really want to see their return. Plus, that mess between B.A.P and EXO are in the freaking past and NOBODY should start comparing them after EXO’s comeback. Let’s just nip it at the bud right now.

As for the memes with Taeyang and Kai, there is none! *Cries* This comeback Kai (my bias out of EXO) is rocking the french braids and I would have thought that their would have been some memes with Taeyang by now, but that’s having happened yet. Memers get on it….please., but with no further adieu EXO’s Wolf teaser!

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