B.A.P Set to Debut in Japan This Fall!

Wow~ B.A.P’s concept is really true. World domination is no gimmick! What record company are they with? When exactly are they debuting and are they moving away from their fierce image? All that here. 

20120828_bap_crash-600x400Jeez, even though they went to America first on their Live on Earth tour, I guess we’ll have to wait on an American debut. Actually, somehow I don’t want that to happen, but this not about America, no it’s about Japan! J-Babyz are extremely lucky because this fall (No specific date) they’ll debut into the Japanese music entertainment field. J-pop for short. Lol, Japanese music entertainment field? How do I come up with this stuff? B.A.P reveal this exciting news at their Japanese Press conference for the Live on Earth tour. (Again, no love here in America. I’m just a greedy person don’t take this to heart people!) They’ll be under King Records for their Japanese debut, but of course they’ll still be under TS Entertainment. King Records is just helping them if you will.

More exciting news, after their Japanese debut they will be having a domestic tour. Okay, allow me to go down the list of how J-babyz have it made:

  1. Bang took off his shirt at the concert (I just had to. Extremely bothered by this.)
  2. They’ll debut in Japan in the fall
  3. They will have a domestic tour after the debut
  4. AND they’ll be living in Japan.

Really? I won’t even try to sound jealous…..oh wait nevermind because I’m already jealous. Well if I think about it, Japan is a hop skip away from S.Korea, so there’s nothing really to get upset about. Either way I’ll be buying their album, downloading the MV, watching Japanese variety shows, and staying up at odd hours. I’ll go with that and you too other jealous non Japanese Babyz!

So who’s excited for their debut? Also here’s the video of the press conference! (credit to akuma no bonnou)


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