IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Rumored Marriage!

Wow, what the heck? Who exactly started the rumor and which company spoke out on the matter? Let me tell you it wasn’t SM Entertainment. They’re TOO focus on EXO return, but more on this fake marriage right here!

FO61zk78I cannot believe their name is in the media again and it’s over something freaking ridiculous too. I can’t even explain how ridiculous this rumor is. Marriage? C’mon now, to me, you have to publicly announce that you are dating BEFORE announcing that you are getting married. I think it would be a MAJOR shock to ELFs and IU’s fanboys to just say, “Oh we’re getting married. Please support us!” But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves because this is not true. I think I should make that extremely clear. This rumor is as fake as the chick you hate at school. It’s so fake that SM Entertainment didn’t bother to release a statement on it, but of course LOEN Entertainment feels as if they needed to explain themselves to the public. Here’s what they said:

“Hello, this is LOEN Entertainment. 

We are making our label’s official statement about the rumors that are spreading on the Internet, SNS, and mobile messenger applications. First, we want to say how disappointed we are that something that is completely false without any proof can spread so quickly and easily. 

 Our company will be reporting this rumor to the police and take legal action against the person who first spread the rumors as well as the people who spread the rumors actively. Not only that, we will also be taking police action against those who continuously post hate comments against IU, and will be taking legal action against the defamation of character happening on the Internet. We are going to take strong action against the action that creates and spreads rumors that cross the line. 

 Please, we politely ask you to be considerate of the artist that is suffering from this and to stop these baseless predictions and exaggerated rumors. We apologize to everyone, including the fans, and we will bring good promotions and news in the future.

 Thank you”

15Wow, taking serious offense Loen. The police? I mean I understand that the person did something extremely wrong, but isn’t this going too far? And if that’s the case, why don’t you take legal actions to the people who spread the rumor? If nobody had retweeted, repost, or spread the rumor then it wouldn’t be as big as this. I’m just saying. Also something else in the statement just made me laugh.First, we want to say how disappointed we are that something that is completely false without any proof can spread so quickly and easily.”

Loen, it’s called gossiping. It comes with the entertainment business, so are you disappointed ALL the time? I’m not trying to be funny (okay, maybe I am), but people will spread rumors regardless if it makes you disappointed. This rumor is gossip gold, so that was inevitable. But Super Junior’s Siwon and Kangin thought the rumor was funny too. Siwon tweeted (jokingly): “Congratulations.. Lee Hyuk Jae..” While Kangin responded by saying: “Is today April fools day?“Super Junior members are so light hearted! Gotta love them. So what do you guys think about this rumor? Should Loen have wrote a statement or kept in silence?

Until next time!

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