K-pop Groups Comeback in 2013 Part 2!

Yeah, the second half of comebacks this year! The other post was getting too long! So, check out who’s coming back from May and so forth!

You guys may already know some comeback, but to keep myself on track on going to start with May!


2pm.B00a2pm with their full length album “Grown”

94412249Shinhwa with their release of “The Classic”

Lee-Hyori-FeatureLee Hyori coming back with three MVs!

article_bnr_vixxVIXX ¬†already came back with “On and On” is releasing “Hyde” in May

qh13Ea82100% came back with “Want U Back”

b1a4B1A4 came back with “What’s happening?”

imagesLC9 debut with “Mama Beat”

CL-2ne1-32493341-500-442CL, from 2ne1, is releasing her first solo album called, “The baddest chick”


1260035591_1369376451The long waited rookie EXO are set to return with “Wolf”

MBLAQ-glows-in-the-dark-in-teaser-pictures-for-quot-Smoky-Girl-quotMBLAQ is having their long awaited comeback with “Smoky girl”


Beast-Skoolooks-2013Beast is confirmed to have a comeback in July.

More to come, but if you know some comeback feel free to tell me.


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