EXO Released XOXO Their Full Length Album!

I am really excited to hear this album! I bet you guys are also excited unless….you guys downloaded the leaked album. Naughty naughty! C’mon you guys check out my review! Also a poll on when EXO will have their next comeback!

20130516_exo_xoxo1EXO album. I’m about to listen to a EXO album! The Korean version of course. Hopefully, you guys sung that in your head because I sure did, but you know the dealio. I listen to a minute of each song on the album and give my opinion on it. Soooo let’s do it!

Baby Don’t Cry

Oh wow, this sounds like the 2000s. I miss those days, but I really like the melody in the beginning. That piano, to me, makes the song better. Anything that soulful should make any song great. Also, the harmony from that minute was awesome. You know, I might just download this song and get this it’s a ballad. What in the world!

Black Pearl 

I didn’t like the beginning of the song. I don’t know if it was an effect, but it sound like somebody’s voice cracked. People I said I think. I don’t know what they’re trying to do with this song though. It sounds like something you want to seduce a girl then all of a sudden you hear a “YEAH.” Woah. Woah. Huh? Okay, but it’s kind of weird. Sorry…

Don’t Go 

This sounds like a 2AM song. If you guys don’t know I don’t like ballad songs (aside from Baby Don’t Cry from EXO), but I tend to not listen to ballad songs in the K-pop world. So, don’t be offended when I say I don’t like this song.

Let Out This Beast

Oh where’s the directors from Step Up when you need them??? This sounds like something that I would see in that movie and that’s saying something, but that’s all it is. A dance song. I think if you add a dance to it it will make the song POP, but without it it’s not really something you want to listen to outside of a dance studio.


Now, this song may be altered because of copyright, but I heard the official snippet and it’s the sound. It’s just a little high pitched. So, I do what I always do when on Youtube, I read the comments and somebody said it sounds like One Direction. It kind of does, but I want to hear the official song, so I won’t review this song. Hey, if anybody know where the official song is at comment the link below please!

Heart Attack

The song sounds like straight R&B like I could turn to 103.3 and hear this song on the radio. Yeah, that’s my black radio station, but I only like the verse though. I didn’t get to the bridge, but the verse carried me to the minute mark then the chorus came on and I was like what???? It’s like a line graph and it was going up, but it fell back down in an instant. Jeez, I thought I had another song on here that I like upon first hearing it.

Peter Pan

Twelve people in harmony is the best thing in the world. I think I’ve found another song to download! The verse and chorus sounds so good. It’s a great mellow song. A soft listen when you want to relieve stress~~~ Now, it’s most likely I have to hear this song through and through to get to the bridge. Now if the bridge is great then guess what? We have a keeper!


Guys, I have another song that I like! Jesus, this is really good, more so than Justin Bieber’s Baby. Lol, I read a comment that said that and I agree. Why mention Justin Bieber’s Baby? Well, if Psy didn’t release Gangnam Style that would have been the most viewed video on Youtube. Thank you Psy. Now back to the song, the beginning is EVERYTHING and this song had a great beginning. It’s like whoever sung first sang normally then brought his voice down seductively. I wish it was Kai who sung it.

My lady

Somehow I wanted EXO to finish this song with a BANG like, “We’re back ladies,” but that didn’t happen. When the rapping came on it reminded me of Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape.” Listen if you want, but it ALMOST sounds like it. To be honest I wanted to stop before the minute mark, but to stay true to my word I bear through it. I don’t think I’ll be listening to this song again.

Well people that’s my review. How was it? I think EXO did a good job. I think I like four tracks on this song and that hasn’t happen since B.A.P—- Uh, I wasn’t trying to be funny, but it’s the truth another group who achieved three or more liked songs was 2PM. So, I can add EXO’s name onto the list. Hopefully, I will hear EXO before the year is up, but I highly doubt it. Wanna guess the next EXO comeback?

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