B.A.P VS. EXO: Airport Security!

Recent events with BOTH groups made me want to write this post. What happened to the groups? Where did it happen? And what needs to happen in the future? My opinion on airport out of control fans here!


Exo AirportSo some of you are asking, “What the heck is the problem,” and I tell you the problem. It’s fans being too freaking close at the airport when idols come through. Many idols have faced trouble with fans at the airport, you know JYJ and Super Junior but EXO took the cake in crazy airport fans. Recently, when arriving in China there was a mob of fans trying to get a picture of EXO and they didn’t care how they got it. I would explain it, but a video will explain it for me.

I don’t think I could have explained that without cussing up a storm, heck I may even do that in this post because fans are getting WAY too bold. In the video it look perfectly fine in the beginning, you can see that EXO had a clear path to walk out of the airport, but somewhere that changed when the other half of EXO came through. It’s like they allowed the first six through, but the other six they were like, “let’s trap them” or something. This is a problem and SM needs to do something about it. Some fans are saying, “It’s not SM’s fault, but the airport security” but I beg to differ. SM can hire some bodyguards to follow EXO when they’re in an airport. It’s that simple. I mean you could blame the airport security, but it’s somewhat not their job to do that. You guys need to think about other people in the airport because to me some of you are saying, “All security needs to protect EXO.” Okay, what about the lady who’s iPad was stolen? What about her? Security can’t help her because they’re TOO focused on EXO. See where I’m going? It’s just that SM need to spend extra money to keep EXO safe  in the airport because what if a hand full of those fans were antis? They could have did some damage and nobody would know who they are in that big of a crowd. Protection is IMPORTANT to your money makers. Just saying.


tumblr_mgnr31MQrD1rnkj5ho1_1280Now as for B.A.P, they do not have as much problems as EXO in terms of crazy airport fans, but there are some who needs to understand PERSONAL SPACE. I can’t stand looking at fancams when B.A.P are at the airport because the fans are sooooo close that you can see a nose hair. I may be over exaggerating it, but they are seriously too close. I thought in America, K-pop fans understood the difficulty of idols getting through the airport. I never would have expect them (Some of them) to get so close. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Yeah, that girl didn’t even care about the lady that was trying to get out. Not the camera chick, but the girl in front on her. Seriously, getting a picture of ANYBODY is not that important if you have to bum rush somebody. It’s not. Some may think that this was decent airport fancam (in comparison to other airport fancams it is), BUT they were still in their personal space. That’s what people need to understand. You see Bang having to squeeze through people just to get out. NO, that  shouldn’t even happen. If fans wanted to be different than what they see over there in Korea then there should have been enough space for them to get through.  Period. This what kills me the most. When Americans see fancams of EXO or B.A.P or whoever getting bum rushed at the airport and say, “Aw, that’s terrible. What fans are you?” But then doing it here…kills me. That’s being a hypocrite and they don’t even think they are in the wrong. Which is terrible. American fans needs to re evaluate themselves before judging ANYBODY.

Last words

At an airport you have to worry about your belongings and passport. That right there takes up most of your thinking, but for idols they have to also think about the fans.  Which is stupid to me. I understand that they are what keeping you alive in the K-pop field, but they need to understand that there’s a line that doesn’t need to be cross. To me, airport fans are equals to sasaeng fans. Let me repeat it (and I quote), “Airport fans, who get super close to idols, are equals to sasaeng fans.” I don’t care if you don’t agree with me, but that’s a fact. Your Samsung Galaxy 3, 4 and Note 2 has a camera that zooms. Use it! You don’t need to be that close to someone to get a freaking picture. If you don’t want that to happen to you then don’t do it to somebody else. Also, companies should hire security guards if they want their idols to be protected. Look at this picture SM

Yeah, that’s B.A.P being protected something EXO needs to experience once in their lifetime as an idol. Okay, I’m done. Just want to let fans know that they need to practice what they preach and also about personal space. Stay 5 feet away from them then idols will probably think, “Oh gee they’re not attacking us! What a relief.” Jeez. Until next time!


One thought on “B.A.P VS. EXO: Airport Security!

  1. Eunbyeol Lu says:

    speechless both group need s secruity when in Airports. Exo oppa s and Bap oppa s fighting!

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