MBLAQ Released “Sexy Beat” the Mini Album! Songs + My Review!

This is MBLAQ! I’ve been waiting forever to review a MBLAQ album and the wait is over. Well, it could have been over yesterday, BUT I had no internet connection. *Ugly sobbing* That is another story, but let’s see how MBLAQ did in this tough competition.

MBLAQ-smoky-girlI am completely in love with this underrated group. Let me say that first and no I don’t have anything bad to say about them. It’s just that MBLAQ is HIGHLY underrated in the K-pop world, aside from them in the variety field, which they kicks butt in, but being overshadowed by Rain (Who recently signed with Cube Entertainment) I think that brought the attention away from MBLAQ. But enough about that let’s see how they did on this album.

As usual, I only listen to each song up to it’s minute mark then write my opinion on it. The reason why I do this is because you mentally determine whether or not you like the song in the first 10 seconds. So, I’m giving them a chance to impress me up to the minute mark.

Sexy Beat (Intro)

What!!! Thunder produced that?? Woo! Jesus, and this is only a minute and 30 second song? What the heck is wrong with this picture? Seriously! I love it. It gives that sexy vibe like hey I wanna do this and that, but first let me play with you. Hey that what I got. A lot of comments below said it sounds like Justin Timberlake and it really does. (It not related to this song, but check out Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. A really good song). No lie, it’s like MBLAQ and JT can switch songs and nobody will tell the difference except that it’s in Korean, but that’s it! Good start MBLAQ!


A jazz feel? Old school feel? Hm, I don’t know, but it sounds good. It may need a few more listens to get me hooked, but it’s enough to want me to listen to it  again. A lot of the comments are in love with Mir’s rapping, so I had to stay to hear it. Literally, majority of the comments are in love with Mir’s rapping, but I somewhat don’t get why? Is it because he raps in dialect in this song? I don’t know, but again I need a few more listens then I bet I’ll be hooked.


I never knew you can apply the word celebrate to such a soulful beat, BUT celebrate what? I don’t know, but the person on the piano is getting to me. Maybe it’s Seungho?? That’s my bias for ya!!!!! Did MBLAQ hook up with a girl or something because the concept on this album that feels as if they have. I heard “give you my name,” somewhere in this song, so marry? I don’t know, but so far it’s really good.

Pretty Girl

Is this a ballad or what? I’m not saying that in a bad way, FAR from it, but it sounds like one, but then again it’s not one. It’s confusing me a bit. Their voices flows SO well with each other it’s  like while they were gone they just talk to each other and said, “Hey we need to do something to get noticed.” I hope that people are taken notice of them because this song as well as the others are just good songs. Point. Blank. Period.

Dress Up 

Oh goodness gracious. Lord Heavenly Father something was happening with MBLAQ when creating this album! Also that Thunder made this song too? He has a dirty dirty….dirty mind and I LOVE it. Boah~~~ if Seungho wasn’t my bias, Thunder would be number one. Wow, this song. There’s no words for it. I’m done! All I can say is that MBLAQ is back!

What the heck!!! It’s like when Rain is gone they’re creating some HITS! Not trying to say anything bad about Rain, but c’mon just look at their album! I mean guess who’s going to buy this album? That’s right I will because this needs a lot of support in the tough competition in June/July (However long they’ll be promoting). This album needs to stand out against EXO, CL, Rainbow, and whoever else coming out because this is SERIOUSLY a great album. I’m finally getting an album that’s not B.A.P!


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