Henry Released Mini Album “Trap!” Songs + My Review!

Yes, I am behind, but let’s see if Henry goes above and beyond with his album Trap! 

With MBLAQ and EXO’s albums banging, I hope that Henry can put a dent in the tough competition he’s in. Hopefully, he will be above EXO or else EXO will hold bragging rights. So, again I listen up to the minute mark and give my opinion about the song. Got it? Okay, let get to it!

1-4-3 (I Love You)

What exactly do 1-4-3 mean? Oh wait, just realized it. Nevermind,  but this song had me moving. Usually, SM starts off with Ballads then leave the upbeat songs towards the end. I’m glad that it’s starting off differently. I don’t know I really like Henry’s voice in this song and also the beat. It’s something you want to listen to and dance to. Good start.

My Everything

I’m so glad I heard the chorus within that minute mark because the verse didn’t do it for me. It just didn’t hold me, but what I do appreciate is that it’s not completely a ballad. When I saw the title of this song I was like, “Oh goodness, I’m going to upset Henry’s fans because this is a ballad,” but it wasn’t like that. Boy, when he spoke in English in the chorus my heart skip a few beats. I want to hear more of that English!

Ready 2 Love 

This boy loves upbeat songs and I really like that about him because by now there would have been 2 ballad songs IN A ROW. I mean look at EXO’s album, but I guess it’s because they have a full album. But seriously. I love the choruses in all three songs so far. It’s his speciality or something. I’m not saying that he doesn’t do well in the verses, but saying that he goes ABOVE AND BEYOND on the choruses.


Another upbeat song??? Are you sure SM produce this? But, the message is something we all agree with. I want a holiday! Henry let’s meet up, but we gotta bring Bang though. I kid I kid. But this song is like an anthem song. Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” or Bruno Mars “Lazy Song.” Yeah, a easy follow along song that most people will enjoy.

I would

I can understand this song!!! That’s why I like this ballad song because it’s in English. I can’t listen to ballad songs that I cannot understand that’s why I’m so happy that song is in English! And the thing is it’s not completely a ballad, but has this rock feel to it. Aw, I love his voice!!! I mean, I listened to the WHOLE SONG!

Jeez, it looks like I have to buy another non-B.A.P album. This album is my type of album because it’s mostly upbeat songs and whenever it’s a ballad it’s mostly in English. Goodness, two thumbs up Henry~~~~



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