B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk Deletes Instagram Account!

Okay, folks I guess a warning is in order. Sensitive people (aka immature fans) should not click on this post because I’m going to tell you why I THINK Bang deleted his Instagram account. Whether it’s about the picture of Jieun or rude comments from his posted artwork. Just know I’m not going easy on the immature fans. *Sharpen my blade*

Credit to owner

Credit to owner

Oh. My. Goodness. I have to stay calm because I am HIGHLY upset at the fact that Bang deleted his Instagram account. HIGHLY upset if you guys couldn’t register it the first time. This came as a surprise this morning when I woke up when somebody comment on my other post about his Instagram. I didn’t quite believe it (Sorry!!!!) until I checked all of my sources and even checked his account.


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Who do I blame? Haha you guys should already know. I think with the recent events with the Jieun photo controversy, the immature fans made him delete his account. Now, I don’t think that’s the only reason why he did it because if you read the comments that “fans” made on some of his pictures (like I do) then you will understand that this was a ticking bomb ready to explode. Whenever he post artwork, some fans asked if he’s alright and some are disturbed by the photos and voiced their unwanted opinion in the comments section. I always say (in my reaction videos) that people’s opinions are their own and they should be allowed to voice them, but in Bang’s situation, I’m throwing that out the window. The immature fans that he has shouldn’t voice their rude ass comments because all they want is attention. As I said in the other post, fans says good things about the picture and doesn’t receive reply back from him, but post rude ass negative comments and he responds. Which one do you think immature fans are going to make? Exactly.

proxyIt’s just that with Jieun’s picture and the comments that the picture received is what pushed him over the edge. You may be asking yourself, “why delete it now when he posted and took down that picture ages ago,” and my reply is why does it matter? It happened, but even though he deleted Jieun’s picture off Instagram, his twitter account is still active.  As of right now, people are tagging him and asking him why he deleted his own Instagram account. Let me repeat that, ASKING HIM WHY HE DELETED HIS OWN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. That’s none of our business. We have NO right to ask him why he did it. I know it’s shocking and we want to know, but with recent events it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why he deleted it. *Note: Quit fucking harrassing him! If he deletes his Twitter account (the only social media networking site he has left) because of these immature fans asking him question that he is not obliged to answer then I’m kicking somebody ass. Forreal!*


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If you were real fans then you know that he’s a reserved introverted person, so to create an Instagram account was a gift from God. Also, with that being said you should already know that he was not about to post selcas ALL THE TIME, but post pictures that made you think. C’mon couldn’t you tell that by the songs B.A.P sings? They make songs that makes you think and you enjoy them, so what’s up with the rude comments towards his Instagram post that made you think? Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite? And about the picture with Jieun, get over yourselves. He doesn’t belong to us. He is NOT bound to us in any way, shape or form. He can date WHOEVER he wants WHENEVER he wants. Get that through your HEADS!!! Let me calm down real quick.

Last Words

All I’m saying is that Bang is human too and he was hurt by the comments fans made on his Instagram posts. Rude comments from people that are supposedly from our fandom. So, people have to understand why he deleted his account because being apart of this fandom means supporting them. Also don’t ask him to comeback Instagram! Let him come back on his own! Regardless if you are a immature fan or not, don’t ask him that. Okay? Okay, I’m done.


10 thoughts on “B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk Deletes Instagram Account!

  1. ridhaf93 says:

    i agree with ur opinion at all, he has his own life.
    i was shocked when i heard that yongguk deleted his IG account and i thought sama as u thought may be its because his last photo about jieun. i m not haters of bangsong but i m not shipper them too, i just think it would better for him didnt delete his account, because i will affect more problem and more question, why and why like what we are doing now really curious ~

    • Yeah I think the shipping of the two caused the problem. I don’t mind people doing it, but look at the consequence of the shipping.

      • ridhaf93 says:

        yaa, yongguk oppa has his own life, now we just see what will happen next 😀
        but actually i prefer ship yongguk and 2ne1’s leader CL hehehe coz they have same colour in music and in real life :p *sorry for out of topic

  2. ohohtess says:

    Reblogged this on omoitsTESSeus. and commented:

  3. hmmm, I agree with you….he’s a real human being, and he has feelings as well, so yeah, he could date, love, hates, whoever he wants, and we cant control it. some “fans” were and still are very immature about the whole Jieun thing, I think its great, if they ever date or if they are im fine with it cuz, if that’s what makes him happy well so be it!… and when you say he got hurt by the comments made by “fans”, I don’t think that’s it, I think he pretty much got tired off all the shitty rumors and “fans” attacking him, making some nonsense comments on all his others posts so could’ve made him delete his instagram…WELL DONE BIT***S! ><

  4. Cindy says:

    I so agree with you . Even though YongGuk is my bias , and i would be shocked when he starts dating someone , but I mean its his life , he can date who he wants or hang out with who he wants and do what he wants . I will root for him for whatever he does as long as he’s happy . I dont see how people have to be so immature about shit like that , the guy has feelings too ! I’m not a crazy fan who bash on shit and make him feel down because if I were to be famous one day , I wouldn’t like it to happen to me . People need to stay out of his life as if he’s their property and let him live how he wants to live .

  5. mushxd says:

    man, i JUST found out he deleted his account. was wondering why i haven’t seen any updates from him in ages (though he doesn’t update that often through the time i was following him. a new baby heh). i’m sad how they’re stepping out to connect with international fans but we always lose these sweet little connections thanks to those immature fans/antis that push them to their wits end): i am never an artsy fartsy person so i never got any of the artworks he posted. but i really liked how he’s such a deep thinker and able to find the beauty and make meaning out of those pieces, enough to share them with us:'( that’s our amazing leader.

    • I’m surprised that you just found out about this! This topic was like the most talked about topic for a long time (and still the most talked about to this date), but I get you. I think if somebody hadn’t told me about it then I would probably be in your predicament.

      I would comment on the immature fans, but I can’t anymore. B.A.P has a lot of them now and they don’t listen too well.

      I recommend you follow some B.A.P fansites in the future, so you won’t be out the loop. (I mean you can follow my blog if you want to *cough cough*) but I think following some fans sites is the best route. Also, if you have any questions on anything about B.A.P (like on where to find things), you can ask me if you want.

  6. Milan says:

    Your absolutely right. I like Bang Yong Guk & and stuff but I’m not one of those OMG LET ME SEE WHAT HE’S DOING EVERY SECOND OF HIS LIFE fans. I mean DAMN give him some space to breath, If someone kept asking you or checking on what your doing every DAMN moment you’ll easily get P.O. & perceive them as a stalker. I mean GOD he’s a human being too. Besides if he is entitled to what he likes & if you don’t like WHO gives a holy crap. I mean his motto is “Do what you like, and love what you do.” And if he likes not having some rude, uncuth, presumption, negative ppl bother him every waking moment then he’s going to love it. And I also that you should not blow up his twitter account too with dumbass questions, quotes, & remarks. Thats excaly why I do not posse any other socail media account besides Facebook, ITS TOO MUCH DRAMA. I mean he’ has enough to deal with. And YOU DUMBASS B.A.P. fans were so smart you would already know why he deleted his instagram account without searching it on the FLIPIN INTERNET!!!

    • I don’t think it’s mainly B.A.P’s fans searching on why he deleted his account. Mostly fans outside the fandom or starting to become a Baby. Now, the only reason why Babyz are searching up this topic because they want to know the writer’s opinion on the matter. Clearly, I was upset at the time, but I agree with you. Now that he re joined Instagram, people want to know why he left in the first place.

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