EXO and Henry Big Accomplishment on Billboard’s Album Charts!

How high did their albums go? Who has bragging rights? EXO (Exotics) or Henry (Strings)? Well, click the button~~~

1260035591_1369376451Holy moly, we have ourselves some money makers! I bet that’s what SM Entertainment is thinking right now because even though it has happened before (the placement on the World’s Album on the Billboard Charts) there’s two of his artist up there. And I mean UP there. Not touching God up there (because that’s impossible right now), but up there in space up there. Which is pretty high, but I guess you want to know what place huh? Well here you go.





Yessir rebob! EXO’s XOXO is receiving a lot of attention even beating out their hyung’s album “Trap”, but third place isn’t so bad. I mean, I think the album should be placed higher, but as long as he is on the charts that’s all that matters. Henry should be proud because it’s a solo album not a Super Junior album. Though since he’s with SM and he’s still is apart of Super Junior, I believe that also helped him out along with the good music.

Henry-Trap-FeatureWe can clearly see who has bragging rights. I’m not starting a fanwar because the picture above clearly shows that EXO has bragging rights. So, there’s no point of bashing when the evidence is above. Sorry, that’s a pretty long disclaimer because I really want to be clear on things. In America, people do that because we like to show off and said, “Hey, look what we have accomplished.” Actually, I believe every country  does that. Somehow it feel as if I’m digging myself in a hole.

Well, until next time!


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