B.A.P To Make a Summer Comeback! My Views on B.A.P Being Overworked!

When? What? Where? How many songs? Promotions? MV? All the questions will be answered! I guess we need good news in the midst of the sad. C’mon and get the dets!

Guys, I’m too happy that I really couldn’t form words in the abstract. Wow! We knew that they were having a comeback, but we thought it was going to be in late July/early August. Since you know they are still touring around the world. Well, TS Entertainment thought otherwise and decided to set it in late June. B.A.P will release a mini album (3 songs) and it includes a MV. TS revealed the pictures of the set of the MV in Las Vegas and claims that it’s a concept we’ve never seen B.A.P attempt to do. I’m really anticipating it and so are people outside the fandom. Here’s more details of their comeback.

Also if you haven’t seen it, official released pictures of the set.


52082825The reason why I didn’t post those pictures is because I wanted a confirmation date on their return. I really don’t like bringing people’s hopes up nor making them wait over a month for the actual MV release. That’s torture, okay. Seriously, but I have a concern. I hope that this MV wasn’t just thrown together because they were in America. I hope that this was thought out completely because it’s going to be EXTREMELY hard to follow up on One Shot. The anticipation is really high.

B.A.P Being Overworked 

I really have a problem with fans telling B.A.P to rest. I want them to rest JUST as bad as you do, but this is their job as an artist. It’s like telling your parents to take a 3 months leave so that they can rest for working everyday. So, uh, who’s paying for the bills? Keeping a roof over your head, food on the table, and clothes on your back? To make it more relevant to you, pay to keep the internet on so that you can look at your K-pop or give you allowance to allow you to buy K-pop merchandise. It’s just that it’s a job, now if they are being overworked how can we MAKE them rest? Demanding them to rest is like demanding President Obama to reveal his birth certificate. Right, not gonna happen.  They THEMSELVES need to know their limit and TS also need to know their artists’ limit. B.A.P is their money maker, no doubt about it, so if their money makers are sick then they aren’t getting their money. So, I believe (hope and pray to God) that TS are making sure that B.A.P is getting enough rest to have this summer comeback/tour.

Welp, that’s my two cents, so who’s excited for the comeback?


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