Joowon to Leave AA to Pursue Acting!

So, who will replace him? What company will he go to? How does the members feel about him leaving? All that here!

tumblr_mf6z9d7bwJ1r6gdmko1_500I’ve been so focused on B.A.P and EXO that I haven’t been paying attention to news around K-pop. I apologize. Whether if this any importance to any of you. Double A’s Joowon has decided to leave the group to pursue acting. His company released this statement:

Joowon has decided to leave the group in order to fulfill his dreams as an actor. He’s always had a strong passion for acting. He gave it a lot of thought and talked it over with the members’ to come to the decision. Even after he leaves, he’ll be staying at the label Wellmade StarM and support the AA members.

Even though Joowon is leaving the group, two more will be added to Double A. Doesn’t it make you wonder if this was planned? I mean I’m happy that he still will be a part in the entertainment field, but this sounds a bit…convenient that they already have two members planned out. Well, that’s what I think, but here’s the special MV that is in tribute of Joowon.

I wish Joowon this best of luck! See you in some dramas~



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