B.A.P Releases Video Teaser of “Coffee Shop!”

I cannot. Just click that continue to read button because Coffee Shop is something totally different! C’mon check it out with me!

Well, I got a little happy when I saw a Facebook post of BYS, but it wasn’t the video teaser. Instead it is the second photo teaser of Coffee Shop. Well check them out.



Well, there’s a quick costume change. It’s not the same as the first teaser picture, but still beautiful. Let’s not stay on this it’s all about the teaser right?

Wow~ There’s nothing to say here. They are not giving much (like always). This is what B.A.P tend to do with all their teaser videos and I don’t like it. It’s like they are giving a teaser, but not giving us a teaser. You are still basically in the dark. We are still wondering what exactly is going to be released on the 28th. All I know is that it’s a soft ballad and I don’t like K-pop ballad songs because I don’t know what’s being said. So, I’m at a crossroad right now and probably will be until the release. Though I tend to like B.A.P ballad songs, but this just feels different than the others.

Well, wait for the reaction video on Friday!


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