B.A.P Individual Teaser Picture of “Coffee Shop” + Mysterious Teaser Photo Solved!

A lot of B.A.P news today! Want to see more of the scenery of America? Oh no, just want to see B.A.P, that’s cool too. Also, if you didn’t want to rack your brain, I have to message here! Click that button!Ah, I just love it when I write about B.A.P on my blog! It’s like the best thing in the world, so today is going to be good today. With the 28th coming nearer (27th for Americans), TS decided to release some individual teaser photo of the boys. You know, for your wallpaper for your phone, computer, iPad, and tablet. Yeah, TS was thinking of you guys, but here’s the picture!

BAP_1372143739_af_orgBAP_1372143765_20130626_bap_himchanBAP_1372143764_20130626_bap_daehyunBAP_1372143764_20130626_bap_youngjaeBAP_1372143763_20130626_bap_jongupBAP_1372143763_20130626_bap_zeloVery beautiful! I really love Youngjae here because in Tyra Banks words (lol not really) he’s owning this concept. Whatever the concept may be, he’s doing it, but I really like  Bang’s background. That water is just so beautiful already then add Bang to it….perfection! I cannot wait until this drops!

Now onward to the “Wanted” poster! Here’s the picture if you haven’t seen it yet.

BAP_1372138089_af_orgWhen this poster dropped, I automatically thought of them adding more dates for their Live on Earth tour. Especially adding dates in Europe, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I think. Here’s what Youngjae tweeted.

Yeah, he gave us a hint, but luckily somebody solved it. I love B.A.P, but I’m wouldn’t have solved that message. Also, it’s in Korean, so that should have given you a hint that it involves the K-Babyz. Here’s the message that AllKpop decode. Thanks AllKpop!

“After much scrutinizing on our part, it seems the message reads “81718 ㅅ ㅓ ㅇ ㅜ ㅅ ㅣ ㅅ ㅗ ㅇ ㅍ ㅏ ㄱ ㅜ ㅂ ㅏ ㅇ ㅇ ㅣ ㄷ ㅗ ㅇ 882”. Put that all together and you get “81718 서울시 송파구 방이동 882”, which translates to “81718 Seoul Songpagu Bangeedong 882”.

 “What is that?” you may ask, well that is none other than the address to Seoul Olympic Park, while ‘81718’ presumably refers to August 17th & 18th, the dates.”

Okay, so an encore concert in Seoul. Cool? It’s not like I’m hurt or anything, but the thing is we already knew about it. The Babyz already broke this out prior of Youngjae tweet, so I’m just wondering what else is to the announcement. Because Daehyun tweeted this.

So, what else could it be beside the announcement of their encore concert? Hm, well we’ll find out today! So, please anticipate my next post!

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