What’s up with the July Comeback Rush?

Doesn’t it seem as if EVERYBODY is coming back next month? Well, you are right. I have the July list of comebacks and my opinion on this comeback rush! Come check it out!

Beast-Skoolooks-2013I wouldn’t be surprise if Big Bang decided to July comeback rush because that’s how serious it is. So far there’s

  • Beast,
  • 2ne1,
  • MR.MR,
  • John Park,
  • Aliee,
  • JYJ’s Junsu,
  • Dynamic Duo,
  • Infinite,
  • A-Pink,
  • AoA, and
  • f(x).

I’ll also put B.A.P and 4minute into the mix because I don’t care if they release their songs in June, they are going to have to promote in July. My opinion on the whole ordeal is that I think this is not a bad list because I will most likely only buy B.A.P’s album, but for others that goes on a spending spree…well they are going to be broke. Also, this is a good list because some of them haven’t had a comeback in a while beside Infinite, B.A.P, and 4minute.  So, I think July will be an awesome month. One, I’ll be doing reaction videos out the butt and two, a lot of idols on variety shows! Yup, a good month.

So what do you guys think of the July comeback rush?


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