Infinite’s Sunggyu 30 Year Old Women is a ‘Yomul’ Controversy!

Sunggyu? The leader of Infinite Sunggyu? He’s in a controversy for what? Click here for what he said on the show, Woollim’s statement, and Sunggyu’s actions on his reflection! You guys know I’ll put my opinion in it, so what are you waiting for? Click!

Sunggyu (2)Jeez, controversies left and right for idols these days and big name idols too. Sunggyu has been on a lot of variety shows after the Chaser era and Man In Love era. I have looked at High Society, but recently he has been on The Genius. Now, I haven’t seen any episodes of The Genius and don’t know what the show is about, but apparently this behind the scene clip was highly talked about.

Two of the stars ( Park Eun Ji and Lee Sang Min) was discussing about their lives. I can’t put it any other words because that’s basically what they were talking about. (Sorry I can’t post it because they put it private) Here’s what they said:

Park Eun Ji told Lee Sang Min, “Isn’t it difficult to make a living? Now that I’ve lived for 30 years, I’m realizing it is really not easy.” Lee Sang Min replied, “Yeah true.. When a woman reaches the age of 30…”,

infinite sunggyu w korea btsReally, when a woman reaches the age of 30? What exactly happens? And why isn’t Lee Sang Min getting any backlash because she specify just women. Not having a easy living for 30 years doesn’t only count for women, but also men, so I have a problem with this. But here’s what Sunggyu said:

Sunggyu jumped in to complete his sentence, “You’re right. She’s a yomul.”

Basically Yomul means, ” Yomul’ is a term that means deceitful, sly, wicked on its own, and when it’s aimed towards women, it is a term that describes a woman who is good at luring in men for her benefit.”

So he’s basically calling women at 30 and above a gold digger. Oh, that is bad, Well it’s bad to a certain degree because some women ARE gold diggers, but to generalize them all is pretty bad. This is what happen when young people butt into grown folks conversation. I know he wanted to put his two cents in, but look at the outcome. I guess women in their thirties got extremely upset at Sunggyu and complained about it to the point that Woollim released a statement.

“It seems things have blown out of proportion. If you watch the video, Sunggyu didn’t have bad intentions. He just said it at the time just going along with the atmosphere of the conversation. It was released in an exaggerated form.”


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Yes, things may have been blown out of proportion, but people aren’t happy with his opinion. It’s like if I had said that I hate Infinite (and it’s my opinion), but the Inspirits aren’t happy about it. That’s basically what the women in their thirties are feeling. So to give Sunggyu a COMPLETE pass on the matter is stupid because then some people are hypocrites since it’s there bias.

Sunggyu is my bias from Infinite and I was completely surprise about him being in a controversy because it is HIS opinion, but it was stupid to say it when the camera was rolling. Infinite is a big time group in S.Korea and should really watch what they say because for some odd reason the people are sensitive. (If it’s not you then don’t take it to heart.) But he went to his twitter and apologized:

Hello. This is Sunggyu. The situation is not a controversy or misunderstanding. It’s completely my fault. I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been disappointed or hurt by my careless words. I’ll reflect [on my words] with a humble heart, realize [what I’ve done], and be more respectful towards people.”

tumblr_m7fajpDLSA1rxom7po1_250After the twitter apology, he deleted ALL of his tweet beside the apology. I don’t know of his reasons unless he said it in his tweets, but I guess he wants the public to only see the apology. I hope Sunggyu will be able to get back up his feet after this, but the Inspirits will bring his spirits up!

Sunggyu fighting!


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