Brown Eyed Girls Releases “Kill Bill” MV!

I hope I will see one of the BEG member in a yellow jumpsuit or else this isn’t Kill Bill! I’m joking, but this MV is no joke. You have to look at it, but do you guys have 8 minutes to spare? It’s called Kill Bill for a reason. Come check it out! Continue reading

2NE1 to Release “Do You Love Me” MV on August 7th!

130131-2ne1-at-hi-seoul-awardsInstead of asking “Do you love me,” how about asking, will all of 2NE1’s song have love in it? This won’t have a continue to read button on it like my other posts, but this song is a summer song like “Falling in Love,” so I don’t know if the song will be liked by many people. But this song was done by Teddy and that’s something to look forward to. Hopefully, it will be loved by many people.

What do you think of the second title track?