Infinite Releases MV Teaser for “Destiny!”

Do we still have those hot doctors who knows how to do CPR on stand by? We are seriously (SERIOUSLY) going to need them! Come check out this blockbuster teaser! They have super powers!

INFINITE_1372609885_af_orgWell I guess (On the super power part), but I believe that they do because one of them had their hand glow or something. I guess spending over $100,000 is the norm in K-pop now and days. I looked at the teaser and was trying to a reaction video on it, but that didn’t go as plan. So, I will try to do it again, but we have been blessed with a minute long teaser! A MINUTE LONG TEASER. We all have to praise dance then after that cry our eyes out because they will drop the MV on the 16th of July. That’s 14 days away, so it was a given to release a minute long teaser or else I would have been upset! Check out the AMAZING teaser!


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