MYNAME Releases MV Teaser For “Baby I’m Sorry!”

Guys, this is a teaser AND song you shouldn’t doubt! They have big name actors in the MV and from the teaser a great song! You guys have to check it out! Plus, there’s a connection with B.A.P. 

1044500_10152964525120008_1651117827_nI have to admit I was kind of doubting MYNAME’s comeback and I was SO stupid for doing that. If you guys are doubting them you are in for a MAJOR surprise then you will feel stupid. I guarantee it. What made me click on the link was that they said it is a blockbuster hit and having two major Korean actors in it then I guess they were right. It’s action pack, but one more thing before I show the teaser. The person who’s directing the MV, is also the same director who directed B.A.P’s “One Shot!” Yeah, we know how everybody loved that MV, so without no further adieu check out “Baby I’m Sorry!”


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