JYJ’s Junsu Releases MV Teaser of “Incredible”

I sure hope he doesn’t dress up as a girl again in this MV. You have to come check out this new dance track of his from his new album!

1005950_574908652551678_27282375_nNow if you don’t know what MV he did where he dressed up as a woman, it’s  called “Tarantallegra.” It was banned, so it was highly sexual. So sexual that he didn’t care if it was going to be ban. After reading this go check it out! But onward to Incredible. This is your usual teaser (and I’m not saying it in a good way). This was only 27 seconds. 27 SECONDS! Lately, idols have been coming out with minute long teasers that I got super spoiled. Seriously, I turned into a brat whining for more because this was popping! I love the beat and his pink eye shadow! You HAVE to check it out! Enjoy~


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