Kim Hyun Joong to Make A Korean Comeback!

Double S and Kim Hyun Joong drama fans it’s time to spazz! When is he making his comeback? What type of concept is it? All I know (beside a lot of things), you WILL NEED an oxygen tank! Come!

Kim-Hyun-Joong_1373250292_af_orgOH. MY. GOODNESS! Kim Hyun Joong!? Okay, now the month of July just got awesomer (not a word, but who cares!) Of course, he would be making his comeback in the month July, aka “Comeback Rush Month”, but that’s when he’s coming back. July 22nd to be exactly! Jeez, why is it SOOOO far away! His album is called “Round 3” and it will have six songs on the album. The title track on this album is called, “Your Story.” If you are a hardcore Hyun Joong fan then you know that this song was also his title track song on his Japanese album “Unlimited.” Here’s what his label said on his comeback:

On the 22nd, Kim Hyun Joong will reveal all the songs on his new album ‘Round 3’ and go into promotions.

You know what that means, right? Music shows (Music Core. You know the big three) views  increase! I think a lot of people are excited for his comeback (among others), but look at that picture! I cannot with him and I cannot wait for his comeback!

Are you excited on his comeback?


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