B.A.P’s Youngjae Hints Comeback Date with a Tweet!

For those who are keeping up with B.A.P, the revealing of the date is a gift of God! So, when is it and what picture came along with the tweet? I have that here, but you Daewons…you are in for a surprise.

This is what I’ve been waiting for since Coffee Shop was released. I don’t know how they are releasing the remaining two title tracks (every other week or what have you), but I’m happy that Youngjae revealed something. Here’s what he posted yesterday.

Doesn’t Daehyun look freaking amazing? Seriously, how do the stylist do it? Daehyun looks as if he wants to kill someone with that stern look of his, but in reality he’s killing the ovaries of all the Babyz. Well, except for me. Right, as if, but I have to stay loyal to Bang! I think all of the boys will look amazing in this MV.  I don’t want to overly analyze this picture, but I think this was when they were still shooting the MV in Vegas. Specifically, when they review what they just shot, but I can be wrong. This may be where they are editing the MV. It’s up in the air, but know this they will be releasing something VERY soon. Remember when Daehyun posted this?


Then news broke out later THAT day saying that B.A.P will release “Rain Sound”. That is what I’m expecting with this new title track. So are you guys ready for it? You know I am!


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