Infinite Reveal Track List of “Destiny” + Releases Individual Teaser Photos!

Woollim is keeping Infinite’s comeback in the far front of Inspirits’ minds. So, is it a mini album or full length album? And Woollim wants to release pictures too?! For those who are looking for a new wallpaper, you are in LUCK! Come look at our boys~

INFINITE_1373386464_af_orgThis album will be a mini album. A mini album consist of 3 to 4 songs. Infinite will have 4 songs on their album “Destiny”. Here’s the track list:

  • Destiny
  • Inception (playing with your minds!!!!!)
  • Going to You
  • and Mother

I think the first two will be upbeat tracks and the last two full on ballads. This is my prediction and I am right MOST of the time. You will check out my album review on the 16th to see if I’m right, right?

Aw, jeez I spoiled the individual pictures, but I think you guys would like the full version of it though. Matter of fact I know you do, so here’s a very (VERY) early Christmas present for you all!

INFINITE_1373307680_20130708_infinite_sunggyu-png INFINITE_1373307659_20130708_infinite_dongwoo-png INFINITE_1373307775_20130708_infinite_woohyun-png INFINITE_1373307660_20130708_infinite_hoya-png INFINITE_1373307753_20130708_infinite_sungyeol-png INFINITE_1373307660_20130708_infinite_l-png INFINITE_1373307739_20130708_infinite_sungjong-png


I tried to put them in order by age, but I think I messed up in the middle. In fact, I know I did, but look at them! I really think that L was photogenic in his photo. I really like his picture the best! *Sorry Sunggyu!* I bet you guys are ALL excited for the release. Welp, we have about a full week to go! Until next time!


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