Infinite Release Audio Preview of “Destiny!”

Woot! I’m telling you Woollim is keeping Inspirits happy by releasing a lot of stuff of their upcoming album “Destiny.” I guess I’m doing my review early, huh? Come check out their album!

INFINITE_1373386464_af_orgSomehow I knew Woollim knew what they were doing when they set the release date so far in advance. It wasn’t one week, but literally two weeks in advance. I’m really anticipating this album, so let’s see if it’s meet the expectation.

As expected I will most definitely love Destiny and Inception. By the title of both songs, we automatically knew that it was a ballad. Now, I want to hear Mother fully because I think I will come to like that song. To me it has that feel A-JAX’s “Thank Ya” song feel. An unexpected ballad that I like song and that’s how I feel about Mother. I can’t wait for the 16th of July~~

You will come back to see my review and reaction video, right? I’ll cry if you don’t!




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