Jay Park Released “I Like 2 Party” MV!

It’s been awhile since I listened to Jay Park! (You know the shirtless MV called Welcome) So, did Jay Park live up to his usual charm of taking shirts off. You betcha! Come check it out!

JayParkI am liking Jay Park’s new MV, but it’s because of the back up dancers. The back up dancers he has are African Americans. I mean there were some white girls, but it’s awesome to see some black girls in a Korean MV. I told you Jay Park is black. I will have to listen to the song again because I never really like the song the first time, but with Jay Park his music is always catchy. If you haven’t checked out the MV, you have been living under a rock, but here! *Note: I did a reaction video, but my editor was acting a fool by not recognizing my video file. So, sorry about not having a reaction video. What I said above is basically what I talked about in the reaction video*





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