JYJ’s Junsu’s song “Incredible” Will Feature Diddy’s Son Quincy Brown!

WHAT~~~~~~~~ How did this happen? What are the fans reaction to the feature? And what did the company say about the pairing? All I have to say is that it’s about to get real.



Can I say that Quincy Brown is looking mighty fine? Let’s separate the fact that he’s Diddy son (stepson whatever) because that shouldn’t matter.  He is on the track not Diddy. Maybe Diddy influenced him to be on it, but unless Diddy wrote the rap then it doesn’t matter. I think AllKpop and Junsu’s label is over hyping this song because he’s Diddy son. Here’s what Junsu’s label said,

Junsu worked with Quincy Brown, the son of famous American rapper and actor P.Diddy. Quincy Brown is a rising actor and rapper in America, and he strengthened ‘Incredible’ with his featuring. He added to the charm of the song by adding his English rap ‘You’re so hypnotic, girl, you’re incredible’ in the 2nd half of the song. The pairing of the two energetic artists Junsu and Quincy Brown created a high quality song. The two artists actually met during the MV filming in Los Angeles and they talked happily about music. Junsu’s MV this time around has music that matches the exciting song for the summer.

1005950_574908652551678_27282375_nThat’s overly hyping the song because of Quincy Brown. That should not happen. The song (judging by the teaser) seems already great, so to say that you are kind of discrediting Junsu’s ability to deliver. Now, as for Quincy Brown a lot of K-pop fans are discrediting him. It’s funny. Label on Brown = Good. Fans on Brown = Bad.

Fans On Brown

They don’t like it. They don’t like him. They think that he’s a nobody and don’t understand why he’s on the track. Seriously, check out those comment on AllKpop. It’s really disturbing. They are ALREADY deeming the song bad, but before this statement was released they liked the song? This is the downside of K-pop fans. SOME of them are hypocrites. Point. Blank. Period. Hypocrites. (I won’t say the R-word because that’s how I ultimately feel, but I won’t go that far.) How can you like it then change your mind because Quincy is on it? They are also comparing it to JYJ’s Ayy Girl. Yes, maybe Kanye West shouldn’t have been on it, but to compare a song that haven’t been released to one that has is just plain wrong. Also, they don’t know Qunicy’s rapping ability. He may be bad or he may not be, so the judging SHOULD STOP until the song is release.

I cannot wait to react to this video. Anticipate it!


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