B2ST Reveal Track List of 2nd Full Length Album!

Infinite burst my ovaries…check. B.A.P burst  my ovaries…check. Oh wait, B2ST burst my ovaries…it is now checked. A busy week for me and K-pop fans all over the world. Come check out the tracklist of B2ST new album!

B2ST_1373602158_af_orgSeriously, this is a busy week! To have two of the best male K-pop groups and Korea’s super rookie to comeback  on the same week is insane! But B2ST, like Infinite, want to keep their fans in the loop. Here’s the tracklist:

  • Intro (Most probably a minute long)
  • Shadow (Title track)
  • How to Love
  • Be Alright
  • I’m Sorry (Already heard it. Listen here!)
  • Will You Be Okay? (I bet ballad)
  • You’re Bad
  • Encore

The rest it’s up in the air. A-JAX released ballad songs that didn’t even sound like a ballad, but Junhyung produced some of the track. I expect a great album from them, but if it’s not….well you will know. I’m really tired of waiting, but with Infinite and B.A.P’s comeback, I think I’ll be alright.

Are you guys excited?


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