B.A.P Releases “Hurricane” MV + My Reaction Video!

My soul has officially exit my body! I reacted to it AGES ago and finally calmed down. Plus, my reaction video was a little out there. I couldn’t control my feels! You HAVE to see it! Come or else!

BAP-Zelo-Jongup_1374019742_af_org (1)People you just cannot understand how much I freaking love this MV. So so serious, but before I post the MV and my reaction video, I want to talk about B.A.P’s styles. Actually, I will briefly talk about it because this is another post to be written, but B.A.P DO NOT stick to one style. Yongguk (leader/songwriter) stated himself that he does not want the group to stick with the powerful concept that the made them. It’s weird, but people were complaining that Power and One Shot were like Warrior, so they changed it up. This song is VERY different than Coffee Shop that they just release and One Shot. Keep an open mind before judging. Enjoy~~

My Reaction!

Until the third title track!


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