B.A.P’s Jongup and Zelo Teaser Picture of “Hurricane” Released!

Aw, it’s time for the babies of the group to act mature! It’s a site to see I’ll tell ya. Also, Zelo is bringing back his famous hairstyle. Know what it is? It has to do with ramen! Come check it out!

With T-minus 2 hours and 30 minutes to go for the release of the MV, Babyz are spazzing early and here’s why.





Aw, they don’t look like babies anymore! Jongup stop it, you are like eight freaking teen years old and shouldn’t look like that. Wait, he’s of age, but still with his personality he acts like a child. And Zelo….bringing back old memories with that hairstyle. Instead of blonde, it’s grey. Aw~~~ But, there’s more! Tada!

BAP-Zelo-Jongup_1374019742_af_org (1)


BAM! *Cues JT’s Suit and Tie* A lovely picture of the boys and I cannot (cannot) wait for the release of Hurricane! Cannot cannot!

Well guys, you’ll see me after the release! Until then!


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