Infinite Releases Their album “Destiny”

Three songs to review honestly. Did they live up to their release of “Man in Love” album or bombed? Which one will it be? 

INFINITE_1373386464_af_orgOf course Infinite’s album “Destiny” did not fail. Well, that’s according to MelOn, Naver, and etc. Destiny (their song) received an all kill on the charts, but how do I feel about this album? I can tell you about Destiny since I reacted to it. I think Destiny is better off as an audio than a music video because I was focus more on why Hoya bursting into flame than the music. Seriously, who wants to kill Hoya. That lovable guy! Also, why L turn into dust? More importantly why Woollim released version B before version A? I had A LOT of questions. But let’s move forward to the album.


I really like the beat in the beginning. Nice vocals heading up to the chorus. Sorry, I don’t know which one is which, but I really like the vocals in this song. I’m listening it through and through because of the rap. Usually, whenever the vocals are good the rap tends to mess it up a bit. I really like Inception (probably better than Destiny), but I there’s no rap in this. I think hearing Hoya or Dongwoo’s voice would have added something, but it’s still a good song.

I’m Going To You

This feels like a ballad, but it’s not. That snippet they released sounded like a ballad, but the beat is proving it otherwise. I like how it’s not a complete ballad because that title made me believe that it was. This doesn’t have rap in this song either. Hm, that’s kind of weird, but okay. This is a decent song, but I don’t think I would buy this song for myself.


Now, here’s a ballad. Of course, I think this would be one because is this dedicated to their mothers? Who plays the piano? Woohyun, L, or Sunggyu? I think Woohyun. I hope he’s the one is playing the piano because it’s really pretty. I think I like the chorus more so than the verses because when their voices are together is really good. This song is okay.

I can see why this album is selling fast because overall this album is really good. I like this album better than Man in Love because it’s not ballad after ballad. Plus, for Mother I’ll give it a pass because it’s a meaning theme and theme SOMETIMES trumps everything, but also I like the chorus. Overall I’ll give Infinite a 8 out of 10!




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