B2ST Releases “Shadow” MV + Releases their Full Album!

They’re back, but does this song live up to their pre-release “I’m Sorry?” I don’t think so, but I really love the theme. Come check out the video to agree or disagree!

Yeah, I don’t think this lives up to “I’m Sorry” and you should have a look at it before disagreeing with me. Enjoy~

My Reaction!

Do you agree with me or not? And tell me why you agree or disagree. I would like to have a friendly discussion about their title track and the video itself.

Album Review!

I’m really hoping this album redeems B2ST because Shadow didn’t do it for me and probably didn’t do it for some other people. Let go! Their album is called “Hard to Love, How to Love.” That title just screams ballad, but hopefully I am wrong.


Usually, I like the intro tracks and beg for more, but this time I wanted it to be short. I just didn’t like the beat of this one, but whatever Junhyung said in English has a meaning to it and I liked THAT part. Other than that I didn’t like it.

How to Love

At the very start of the song, B2ST provides the vocal and even the rap. That’s something unusual in K-pop world and I’m happy that they did something different. I love the chorus of the song and the rap, but the verses have to grow on me because whenever B2ST sings in harmony is great. Yeah, I know that they cannot sing the verses together, but I really love when they do and that’s the chorus. This song is decent.

Be Alright

Junhyung’s “It’ll be alright,” is so cute~ I love the beat of this song. I reminds me of the old school or early 2000’s beats. Whenever K-pop has this type of beat nothing goes wrong. With B2ST, Junhyung appears a lot THROUGHOUT the song and that’s refreshing taken that B2ST isn’t like BTS, Block B, or B.A.P. They balance out the rap with the awesome vocals in this track. I really like this song.

You’re Bad

Um….after “Be Alright,” you have this song? I don’t understand. I think  a good follow up song should have been “I’m Sorry,” not this. This song will have to grow on me, but I still think my opinion of this song will be the same. I don’t particularly like this song. This isn’t the type of song I expect when you  hate someone, but I need to look at the lyrics, but still this isn’t my type of music.


I wish this was their title track, but I just two back to back dance song isn’t what they want. I can totally envision a awesome MV with this song and I think the response of this song will be better than “Shadow”. I mean, Shadow will receive all kill on the charts, but I’m looking about gaining a lot of new fans. This song would have accomplish that task, but B2StT’s people know what they’re doing so.

Will you be alright?

This song came out prior of the album and even before I’m Sorry. This song won on a music song without them even performing and I can see why. This song is most definitely a ballad, but I’m still listening to it. That’s saying something and I think it’s because their voices flow so well with each other with this type of beat. I really like this song.

I’m Sorry

I like this song. I did a reaction video to this song, but didn’t upload it since it wasn’t really THAT popular and plus it was a BTS (behind the scene) MV. I really like the chorus of this song and the rapping AND the verses. This song and “Will you be alright” is the total package and these songs are ballads. I just really love this song.

Overall I think this album could have been a mini album because (to ME) some songs shouldn’t have been on the final product. Again, this is my opinion, it’s just that this album could have been the COMPLETE package if they just remove a couple of song. Score: 8/10.

What do you guys think of their album?



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