B.A.P Appeared in One Direction’s Music Video?

Hold up, what? How did this happen? Are they featured in the MV? How are the fans reacting? I can tell you this now. I’m not too thrilled about it. Come check out why photoshop is a questionable creation.

Guys, if the One Direction’s fans (Directioners) thought that The Wanted fans were too much then they have another thing coming. Here’s what went down, so apparently some K-pop fans were looking at One Direction’s new MV. Nothing wrong there I’ve fallen into their traps before, but one scene caught them off guard. One Direction used this photo of B.A.P….


and photoshopped it into this.


We can CLEARLY see that it’s the same picture. The difference is that they cut off Zelo (since 1D is a five people group), changed the color from red to a pinkish color and photoshopped their faces onto B.A.P’s bodies. B.A.P weren’t physically in there, but heck since it’s their bodies, they were….kind of.

Fans Reactions


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A lot of fans are upset (including me) because we feel as if they do not have the right to use their picture. (In fact it’s kind of illegal) Some realistic people are saying ,”Well, Babyz photoshop their pictures all the time, so what’s the problem?” The problem is that Babyz are NOT a popular boy band who has resources to famous photographers who could have taken the photos. We just don’t and we do this for FUN, not to put in a music video where millions of people can view it. Plus this is down right disrespectful. I don’t know what the Directioners are saying, but it’s kind of obvious that they will defend their idols. But there are some K-pop fans that defend this too! It’s kind of surprising. They are saying that since B.A.P are not relevant enough then they can do it. What? So if it was SUJU or Big Bang then we have the right to say how rude it is? But since B.A.P is irrelevant that we cannot express how we feel? That’s stupid, but here’s what I have to say.

tumblr_mdcpvd0Bgo1rvv4qro1_250This is as realistic as it comes: They (1D) should have gotten a photographer to take their pictures. Period. If you have seen the photo shoot of that picture then you would have understood the work they’ve put in to come across as warriors. Also, it was their VERY FIRST introduction into the public. That’s something special taken how A LOT of rookies debut last year, so you have to understand why we are upset about it. If this would happened to 1D where B.A.P took their photo and photoshopped it, I bet K-pop fans and Directioners would be upset at TS (and B.A.P). I think people should think like that. 

***Note: I do NOT hate One Direction nor do I blame them. I just don’t approve of what their people did. Maybe they don’t know of them, but all of this could have been avoided. B.A.P is small compare to 1D, but they are growing.***

We don’t know if TS knows about the jacking of their photo, but to me if they did then the boys would have tweeted about it. Somewhat telling Babyz to look at it and support it, but that did not happen.  I know this much for sure that somebody is tweeting this MV to the boys as we speak.

Here’s the MV if you haven’t seen it. Skip to the 2:24 mark.

What do you guys think about it?


7 thoughts on “B.A.P Appeared in One Direction’s Music Video?

  1. riki101 says:

    its all about context and its not that big of a deal. if you watch the whole scene you can see that b.a.p. are not the only groups photoshopped. in the scene their image consultant is giving them options for new looks and they used famous bands. so if you are such a big b.a.p. fan you should feel flattered that they thought that these guys were big enough to use. i mean they are not on a level of a one direction (i dont listen to these people and i know of one direction, i only know of b.a.p. cause i listen to korean hip hop). release the fan rage, positivity people

    • Okay, it may not be a big deal, but I still don’t like it. I just was just providing my opinion above and you can agree or disagree. (You clearly disagree). I would be flattered about them being in the video, but only K-pop fans know them (as you said above), so I don’t think that justify 1D having them in the video. I’m just saying, but thanks for your comment.

  2. -Febrina- says:

    I actually thought that it was quiet awesome when I saw the photoshopped B.A.P posters. I saw it and immediately scream, “hey, isn’t that B.A.P?”. I thought that it’s actually hilarious. I happened to be one of B.A.P fans and think wow, B.A.P is definitely going global ^^. I know it’s not in a best flattering way to show that, but I don’t think any disrespects are intended. The video is just trying to tell people that the One Direction boys would always be themselves. B.A.P is awesome in their own rights too ^^.

    • It would have been awesome if they didn’t photoshopped 1D’s faces unto B.A.P’s bodies and also revealed B.A.P’s name, but that didn’t happen. Nobody knows who they are except for K-pop fans, so B.A.P going global because of 1D? Nope not going to happen….not without giving credit.

      • -Febrina- says:

        Hihihi.. No I didn’t mean that B.A.P is going global because of 1D, I’m saying B.A.P is going global for the people making that video is actually using their poster. That kind of means that the people behind this video might know B.A.P or K-pop (in a more general way), and maybe they are trying to reach out to K-pop fans also. Not the best way I agree but if you look at the big picture, I think it’s just pure fun. Just an opinion though.. cheers^^

      • Nette Nightingale says:

        I totally agree.I’m not a Warrior of B.A.P and I’m not a directioner either, but honestly? What they did was downright disrespectful. It’s begun a fan-war alright, and I’m definitely with B.A.P. I don’t care whatever they were thinking, this is a crime. It’s injustice. BAP worked hard for that. They really love music and they love what they do! 1D? Eh~ in my mind? Not so much… since they STOLE B.A.P’S PHOTO!This is going to sound like ranting, but it’s just my opinion… Sheesh people! Have you all become desensitized to the injustice in this world?

  3. Shanknott says:

    When I saw this video I screamed but not in a good way. So ya u can tell I’m a big fan of BAP and I feel really upset that one direction too their photo and only replaced the head with thiers what is their problem with kpop groups.
    Ya so because they all have blond hair and wearing jumpsuit doesn’t mean you could just laughe at them. Before I thought one direction surprise to be mature and this is something that they did was really bad for the Baby’s and the BAP if they will ever know.
    Oh ya when I saw what they did to BAP changing their cloths to pinkipuperl and putting 1d faces on thiers, but the real thing that me screaming was them removing Zelo 😡

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