B.A.P Releases Tracklist for Their Mini Album “Bad Man”

I’ve been waiting for this news since they had left Detroit a couple of days ago. When are they releasing the album? Ultimately when are they releasing the controversial MV? All of that here! Also, their album cover is picture revealed!

BAP_1375057163_af_orgI really do love me some B.A.P, so when this news came out I was totally happy! Extremely happy, but why does everything happen when I’m asleep? Seriously, it’s as if TS knows that I’m asleep. Jeez, but what you see above is the album cover. That’s why I’m assuming that the MV “Bad Man” will be controversial. Well, the requirement to be in the MV was also suggesting something. They needed a white couple kissing (no B.A.P will not kiss anybody) and 68 white/black MALE protesters. See, controversial. But the Matoki has a gas mask on. Why? B.A.P is releasing gas that’s converting everybody into Babyz. Maybe not, but I can’t wait for the release of the MV because that will explain the album cover. Let me get into the tracklist.



Ugh, I can’t wait until the 6th of August! That’s when the album is suppose to drop and since it’s TS (a VERY secretive company) I assume that the MV will be release that day. I don’t think that they would release the album with their last title track before the MV. That doesn’t make sense, but this album has six songs on it. SIX. Originally I thought that it was only going to consist of the three title tracks and was genuinely afraid that it was not going to sell well, but I think something is going to happen. Sell wise…hopefully.

What do you think of the album’s cover and tracklist?


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