M.I.B Release MV Teaser for “Men In Black!”

It’s about time! Who call themselves M.I.B and doesn’t do a music video in reference to Men In Black? Right, that’ll be stupid if you don’t do it. Let’s find out if it’s really an alien crime fighting theme. 

I’m soooo happy that they are doing this because whenever I do a birthday post (the month of July is coming soon! Don’t worry) and it’s a member of M.I.B in it, I always call them agent so and so. So, I’m really happy about this, but I haven’t seen the teaser yet so…my opinion MIGHT change. Let’s look at it together.

Lol, at the black dude. So, do they really have to have a Will Smith character in the teaser? I guess because Will Smith somewhat made it to be popular, but c’mon there was also Tommy Lee Jones. They only needed a black guy and an old white guy in the teaser. That would have made plenty of sense. Just saying. Also, where’s the aliens? I better see some in the MV because that’s also what made M.I.B or else why does it matter. I think what we have to take away from this teaser is that this was a two minute teaser explaining the little gadget. I would have thought that everybody had seen Men In Black the movie, but I guess not. It’s not a bad thing because M.I.B fans will get interested into wanting to see the movie, but that solely depends on how they tackle the MV.

What I’m saying is that I cannot wait until the 1st of August. How about you?

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