EXO Releases “Growl” MV!

Warning EXO do NOT growl. I repeat they did NOT growl in this MV, but they dance really well. Does “Growl” redeems EXO from releasing “Wolf?” Come find out! Also, my reaction video to this growless MV.

This MV is sooooo good. It’s living up to their MAMA MV and that’s pretty darn good. This MV was simple, but yet you get to see every member clearly. It wasn’t just focused on one person, but all 12 members. Wait, I’m getting into my review. Here’s the MV.

My Reaction

Since my was reaction was short (my reaction videos are usually 10 minutes long), I will continue with my reaction. Just a tad bit. As I said above, it was a simple MV. I mean Wolf was kind of simple, but it still had CGs in it, but Growl has no CGs in it. I don’t think it really needed the CGs. I don’t think it wouldn’t have improved the MV because it doesn’t really need improvement. The dance was on point and so was the singing. I like how they separated the  members in half, but they also mixed them together in the separation. D.O was on the EXO-M side and Tao was on the EXO-K side. Please correct if I’m wrong. I still don’t know the members like that besides Kai, Kris, Tao, D.O, and Luhan. That’s it. 5 out of 12. Speaking of Kai, I didn’t l really get that much from him. I know he danced, but the whole group danced. Isn’t he like the rapper? I  didn’t see him rap and usually he get a lot of camera time, but this time I seen him towards the end of the MV. I don’t know, I guess I expected to see a lot of him in this MV like Wolf. Welp, there’s my extended reaction to Growl.

What do you guys think about Growl?


One thought on “EXO Releases “Growl” MV!

  1. Fleur De Seoul says:

    Even though they didn’t actually growl, “Euh Ru Rang” is the korean onomatopoeia for a lion, tiger or dinosaur roar. And that’s the title in Korean and pretty much the entire chorus.

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