[UPDATED] B.A.P Release Group Teaser Photos + MV Teaser + Reaction Video!

No. Nope. Nada. Rein. Hayir. Non. I was not ready for this!!!!!!! You have to see why I wrote no in so many different languages because you will do the same after this post!

I seriously thought I could handle this. Right after work (making this cash up for spending my money on their album), TS decided to release their MV teaser. I handle the photos, but the teaser? Nope. I didn’t last. I’ll post my reaction to it later, but first let’s look at these photos!

BAP_1375402515_af_org BAP_1375404093_20130802_bap2 BAP_1375404094_20130802_bap BAP_1375404093_20130802_bap1

Don’t let me get started! This is so awesome! I knew that this would happen because there ain’t no way that TS didn’t take pictures of all the members in each teaser concept. Ain’t. No. Way. I know TS so well! Nope not really, but enough about the pictures (I can go on and on about them). Here’s what Bang Yongguk had to say about the reason why he wrote “BadMan!”

“I wrote ‘BADMAN’ after I saw the news. I thought it was unfortunate that you always hear about criminals every time you turn on the news making society feel scary and unsafe. I wanted to bring awareness. I feel that there are so many big issues that we should not forget about yet we forget them so easily. I felt that no one else would convey these messages about society if we didn’t do it.” —Yongguk

That’s my ultimate bias. He doesn’t need to look extremely fine (even though he already is), but his beliefs are really strong and what other idols should do. I’m done. Step away from my bias though because you will fall for him! But check out the teaser!

Yup. Dead. Here’s my reaction video!


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