Party Hard GIF Challenge!

I haven’t did this in awhile and it’s about time I did one. Of course this will be the K-pop edition and it’s about partying. So, let’s find out who I’m getting drunk with!Instructions (Just in case you want to do it!)

Choose every 14th gif in your folder! You’ll need at least 280 gifs! (Phew! I only have 303 GIFs. I barely passed)

Okay. So, I heard you want to go out. Well but you can’t go out like that! (Gif Nr. 14)

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Lol, you cannot tell me what I can or cannot wear.  Girl swerve!

… you need to dress up! Get your glaaam on! Show us your best party outfit! (Gif Nr. 28)

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Uh, I don’t think that outfit is appropriate for going out. Well, nevermind. Again, why are you picking out my outfit?

Uuuuh that’s nice. I love it. But you can’t go alone. Show me who you are going to party with! (Gif Nr. 42)

With some kids that hit people beside the head. I don’t know who exactly that is, but it looks like Beast’s Doojoon! 

Well aren’t you all looking fierce! But before you leave, you need to practice your best dance moves – show me how you shake your tushie! (Gif Nr. 56)


Yongguk approves of my twerking and that’s all that matters. Your judgement is irrelevant!  

Good, now I’m positive you are ready to leave. So, what location are you going to? (Gif Nr. 70)


Uh, wherever Himchan and Zelo is at. So, at B.A.P’s dorm! Heck yeah! Bang where art thou?

Wow, I’d love to go there! So, now you wait in line – and the line is reeeeally long. How do you pass the time? (Gif Nr. 84)

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Laugh it up with my bias! Aw, he’s so cute here!

Finally! You’re in front of the bouncer but he doesn’t want to let you in! Come on, impress him! How do you get him to let you into the club? (Gif Nr. 98)


Not a damn thing. I’m just going to judge him until I get in. Don’t make me get ignorant! I’m going into B.A.P’s dorm!

You did it! Okay, it’s time to hit the dance floor. You practiced at home, so your dancing skills should be amazing… right? (Gif Nr. 112)

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Whatever I did I accomplished it like a boss! 

Uuuuh so, you attracted a real cutie with your awesome dancing. Show us your soon-to-be conquest! (Gif Nr. 126)


Well……well. Sorry Yongguk, but Daehyun has really really climbed up my bias list. Though, it’s just only one time. Only one time. 

Mmmmhmmmm. That cutie pie looks really tasty. Now go on. Give us a lesson in “Flirting”. (Gif Nr. 140)

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It look as if he trying to flirt with me and it’s working. Yongguk…you better rap to me or else Daehyun is going to be more than one night. Lol, joking. 

I’m impressed. You should write a book. Your conquest also seems to be enjoying himself/herself. But, oh come on, one of your friends drank too much. Look how he’s/she’s acting! (Gif Nr. 154)


The beer made him into an actor! Yup, he needs to cut me a piece of that check if s/he gets famous! 

Okay, you really need to help your friend and get her/him to sober up. How do you accomplish that? (Gif Nr. 168)

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Do absolutely nothing and judge him…what a bad friend I am.

It seemed to work… but your conquest has been attracted by another person in the club… what an unfaithful thing to do! How do you feel? (Gif Nr. 182)

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Right! Excuse me, Daehyun? It’s alright! It’s fine. Now, I have to suck up to Yongguk to forgive me. 

I see… but your bad luck doesn’t seem to find an end – someone else approaches you and really gets into your personal space. How does he/she look like? (Gif Nr. 196)

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Like somebody who doesn’t want to talk to me. Okay~~~

What do you do to get them to leave you alone? (Gif Nr. 210)

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But they didn’t want me in the first place, so no challenge.

It didn’t work like you wanted but your friends come to rescue you. How do they manage to do that? (Gif Nr. 224)



Uh, he rolled the creep up in a bed sheet? Whatever works.


Oh finally! Well, you and your friends agree: it’s time to go home. Go and fetch a cab. (Gif Nr. 238)

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Do aegyo to fetch the taxi. No problem, but I don’t think we’ll be getting a taxi.

At home you fall into your bed… at least you plan to do that. Do you reach your bed without problems? (Gif Nr. 252)

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Um…I won’t comment what I think. It’s inappropriate. 

Goodnight! Sleep tight! …. And now tell me, how do you feel in the morning? (266)

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Like I want to find Yongguk and make him do that. Adorable~

Are you going to go out again? Soon? (Gif Nr. 280)



Uh, I don’t know. Maybe, if it’s with Yongguk.

Not the best GIF board or GIFs for the matter, but I still enjoyed it.

One thought on “Party Hard GIF Challenge!

  1. Mandy says:

    Hahahahaha! Now I want to try it! (pulls up my evernote account) whoop I got plenty gifs too!. Thanks for this awesome idea!

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