Tasty Releases “MaMaMa” MV Teaser!

The twins are back! It’s not just them, but Infinite’s Hoya and Dongwoo is also in the teaser. Hm, are they rapping? I don’t know, but of course every K-pop MV needs a Lamborghini. Come check out the teaser!

I was really surprise that Hoya and Dongwoo was in the teaser, but of course Tasty is also with Woollim, so I shouldn’t be THAT surprise. Fangirls of Tasty…please don’t get mad at the chick in the MV. Just saying that in advance. Enjoy~

It kind of had that 80’s groovy feel for it towards the end of the teaser, but it looks like a fun party song. Can’t wait for it! To the twins….FIGHTING!


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